★ Swine Video Premiere: Julián Mayorga – Bill Clinton & the cats ★

Po Dokkeytinovi, DJ Tucovi či Dreem Tran’sovi prinášame exkluzívnu európsku premiéru kolumbijského umelca Juliána Mayorgu. Prečítaj si krátky úvod a ponor sa už do bizarného abstraktného videa “Bill Clinton & The Cats”.

RBMA_0023_1920 (C) Eriver Hijano

Colombian musician (living in Madrid) Julián Mayorga is sharing the video for “Bill Clinton & The Cats”, a song composed and produced with the colombian musician Lucrecia Dalt and the musician/producer Matías Aguayo. The track is the outcome of the recording and producing sessions during the last Red Bull Music Academy (Montréal, 2016) and was included in the RBMA selection Various Assets.

The animated video shows a psychedelic tropical portrait of Bill Clinton, in the same spacey, laser-like tone of the track. The animation was drawed, frame by frame, by Julián Mayorga himself.

Julián has performed this year at Sónar Barcelona and various Spanish festivals and is heading to Colombia to perform at Sónar Bogotá, this December. He’s currently working on his fourth solo album and the debut LP of his new brand band ‘Flash Amazonas’ with Japanese musician Ryota Miyake (CRYSTAL). Check out more of Julián Mayorga’s music here!

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