Brno. 30. mája prichádza na Flédu excentrická pop kultúrna ikona, hviezda TV reality show, fashion freak a v neposlednom rade raper. A ktovie čo ešte môžeme od neho očakávať. Vrkôčiky zapletené do sofistikovaných obrazcov, neónovo svietiace dúhovky, zlaté zuby, tetovania, smršť farieb a tvarov, tým je typický Riff Raff.

Byť slávny a bohatý sa zdá byť jeho snom, ktorý sa mu splnil, aj keď sám Riff Raff tvrdí, že sláva ešte len príde. Prečítajte si jeho odpovede na naše otázky. Na konci rozhovoru nájdeš SÚŤAŽ o lístky na koncert vo Fléde!


Actually, it is really difficult for me to characterize you somehow. Who are you?

A musician, an entertainer, a star or a fashion icon, soon to be actor/porn star, but with the cameras off and no guys can be in the room only girls who love girls and are allergic to guys.

You seem to be very extrovert person. Have you always dreamed of being famous?

I’m not even famous yet really, wait til my movie and TV show come out then it will be apparent that I have more knowledge than both of your parents.

Is the state of being rich and famous your life goal? Is it the important part of your identity? Cause you are kind of presenting it a lot.

I actually thought money and fame would make me happy but it has actually made me kinda paranoid and not be able to be in public much, but my life coach is Ray Lewis and the workout plans and meal plan and motivation he gives me reminds me how I used to be as a kid. I have always been a leader not a follower and with all these people around me it kind of hinders my creativity … He has instilled some things in me that I had forgotten about myself. I’m really going to start enjoying my life, caring less about what other people have to say and more about my vision and goals.

What is your music background? Why did you start making music?

I love all types of music, I always have, and money was the original motivation but now I want to take a step in my own direction and start doing things how I want and totally disregard what anyone has to say that isn’t in MY vision.

Do you have some music idol? Somebody you are influenced by?

I grew up listening to swishahouse, Garth brooks, Madonna whatever sounds good to me

Is there anybody in music or entertainment field you are always compared with? What do you think about it?

I would like to do a movie where I’m Will Ferrell’s son and my uncle is Danny McBride… any storyline would be box office hit… GOTTA get James Franco in there too.

Your music videos are perfectly shaped on fashion level and visually designed but there are still many elements which look more like DIY production. How big is your influence in process of making music videos?

I usually come up with a vision with the director and then we improvise on the set.

What is more important for you as an individual – swag or music work you are producing? Are these two elements highly affected one by another?

I have over 70 songs on stand by half are solo half are with other artists.

When did you have your first tattoo? You have tattoos all over your body, is it just for fun or do you place a deeper meaning in it?

All my tattoos had a meaning at the time. My first one was when I was 18 it’s the skyline of Houston TX.


Where do you get inspiration of your outfits? Does your style change by the years or is it still like this crazy?

I kinda have so many clothes I go grab whatever and just pick what fits for the occasion.

Have you ever thought about starting your own brand or at least some collaboration on fashion collection?

I would love to, WE ARE working on more merch at now. Actually some Neon Bikinis and Things of that nature.

What is your life motto and how do you see yourself in this world?

I want to relax on the beach and enjoy my life. I have been around the world and toured a lot. And I’m always travelling and on the move. I want to start to be able to stop and smell the dandy lions you know what I’m sayin …

Súťaž o lístky na Riff Raffa, ktorý vystúpi na brnianskej Fléde 30.5.

Lístky na koncert môžeš vyhrať, ak nám do polnoci 28. mája napíšeš e-mail na adresu >> k.mamojkova@gmail << s predmetom „Riff Raff“. Následne budeme losovať troch výhercov, ktorí získajú 2 lístky na utorkový koncert na Fléde.

SUPPORT: Robin Zoot, Nik Tendo, Konex

AFTERPARTY: Buki, DJ Vindaloo & Crys

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Text: Klára Mamojková + Denisa Funtíková

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