Lovely je nová klubová séria od v Prahe usadených DJ-iek Tasya a Nevinnost. Ide o pomerne čerstvú záležitosť, vznikli len tento rok, no zorganizovali a hrali už približne na 10 udalostiach po rôznych kluboch v Prahe ako Café V lese, Holešovická Šachta či Vlkova 26. DJ sety od Nevinnost (Karolína Zikešová) sú charakteristické „guilty-pleasure“ hitmy, ktoré však mieša s experimentálnymi tanečnými trackmi. Tasya (Tasya Nafigina) hrá kvalitne vybrané a energiou nabité sety plné housu a disca. 29.12. v novom priestore SWIM zahrajú spolu s našou ďalšou obľúbenou DJ-kou Elastic (ktorú sme pozvali do Olomouckého Konviktu) a STEP BY STEP.

„Dive in 2019 all new and fresh – dance off all the problems at the last Saturday’s swim with us. Tribal sounds, sweetest drinks and the Lovely atmosphere will be provided 🏄“ – Lovely

>> 26.12. – LOVELY x SWIM

How can you describe the style of Lovely parties?

T: Lovely is the mood that you get when you come there – it’s about coming together & the joy of spending time together. It’s about attention – to the details, to music, to atmosphere and to people around you. It’s about taking care of each other and being respectful towards others.

N: Bored with dark techno clubs and their elitist vibe we decided to make Lovely a party that would be inclusive for everyone – the idea is that the music should appeal even to random visitors, not just musical geeks. We want you to feel happy at Lovely like you’re at a vacation. We try to make our events very atmospheric in terms of stage design, lights etc. and we always invite as many nice people as possible so everyone would feel welcomed and at peace. Lately, we focused on tropical aesthetics, house, disco and tribal, but I feel like Lovely could be almost any type of music.

When did it all start?

T: It all started in March when Mashapes did a party called Lovely Wednesday and i loved the name & the concept a lot, so we did the second one together. We wanted to turn it into a series, but she decided to focus on Adrift and I asked for her permission to continue with Lovely by myself.

How did you meet Nevinnost?

T: Our best friends started dating and our social circles mixed. After some time we discovered a common love for a certain type of parties and that’s how we started to work on it together.

Are you planning to get more DJs in Lovely crew?

T: That would be awesome.

What are your plans for 2019?

T: More experimenting with formats in all senses, going outside of Prague/CZ and collaborating with others.

N: Going bigger and better of course! I personally would love to explore some new spaces and maybe also throw some site-specific parties. I would like to share the idea of Lovely with as many people as possible so our events could get bigger and more professional.

I also feel like I was “DJ raised” by Lovely as it gave me so many opportunities to practice and improve myself and it would be great to do it for others as well – give a chance to new artists, support beginners and maybe invite DJs that don’t play that often in Prague.

What do you think about Prague’s club scene?

T: I live here for less than 2 years, but it’s exciting to see its development and how it gets more diverse – now you can choose between post-club, post-punk or hardcore party, and all of them will be crafted with the same amount of attention. And you can visit all three throughout one night!

N: I love it! It’s great to see how, if someone misses a certain type of parties here, they just make it by themselves! Every Friday it’s about three to five very diverse events that are all awesome and worth visiting. Maybe the only problem here would be the space – a lot of otherwise perfect places fight with curfews and angry neighbors, some clubs are too far from the city center so it’s hard to bring people there and others have rents that are too high. Hopefully, this will change for the better and people will treat the electronic music scene as a proper part of Czech culture.

Which clubs do you like the most personally? What is missing in the club scene?

T: Neone to me is still one of the examples of a perfect venue – it had the sound, the architecture and it was great for visual work. Ankali has a great sound and a strong team, they are also doing an incredibly important job of bringing international names here. SWIM is interesting architecture-wise and has great potential as space. Vlkova26 is changing in the right direction, they already have a new sound system and a new program.

However, my favorite place for a party is Stalin. To me it’s one of the happiest places in Prague.

N: I still miss the “perfect club”, however all of Prague party places have some pros and cons. If the party is good, people nice and the line-up interesting, I can enjoy it no matter where it takes place. I love exploring new and unusual places but it’s not exactly easy to throw a party at a place that is not a club (I bet people from Cukr would agree). With SWIM and Fuchs2 opening recently I hope for even more opportunities and I sincerely wish that things would work out for them!

I loved Altenburg 1964 and Stalin during the summer but probably my all time favorite place to party is Hollar. It is a very personal thing as the very first party I visited in Prague took place there, I went there to school during the daytime and I met there most of my closest friends.

Text: Krištof Budke

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