⊱ relax, sit back and deep dive into the eerie electronic world of t16c ⊰

t16c is a duo formed by underground Slovak musicians. Two friends, Peter Kudlička (aka 16 colours aka EGA) and Andrej Nechaj (Tatratank) have been making music for over 20 years. t16c is a natural result of their unceasing commitment to diverse sonics.

We are happy to premiere their second meditative track „Ostsee“ from upcoming EP re releasing 29-02-2020 on Bratislava-based label LOM.

Post-apocalyptic space exploration, transmitted over lo-fi radio signal back to the Earth. Grid-less, yet pulsating culmination of eerie field recordings, samples, and electronics. Alluring melancholic glimpses of an unclear future.

Release party of new EP will take place at LOM space, Bratislava, 1st of March (Sunday).

Text: t16c Press Release

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