A Spanish label based in Barcelona called xenonyms is presenting the new debut EP by 23-year-old Montreal-based French musician Nathan Germain aka Sprælle (pronounced Sprah-lé).

I came to this project via title track „QUIETO“ on SoundCloud. I instantly added a track for my DJ set, I was working on at that time. Brilliant complex sophisticated electronic music, with raw sounds and a strong punch to it. Sprælle was inspired by the aesthetics of classic 1994 SNES game Wolverine: Adamantium Rage. He especially liked (as it’s mentioned in the promo text) „the heavy, low res proto garage soundtrack“.

CRUSH UP is a perfect debut project. It’s original, fresh, short, energetic and intense. You won’t spend one second bored through the EP.

„The start-stop cannonade of heavy drums pounds itself into modulating shapes, allowing us occasional moments of respite.“

„HARSH LUV offers us an earworm of a lead synth line, echoing chirps gradually land upon dry, gun cocked techno beats and plinking counterpoints culminating in an expansive moment where every component is allowed to dance with the other,“ it reads the official promo text, and I couldn’t describe its more precisely.

Nathan Germain is originally from France, where he’s spent most of his life before moving to the USA in 2017, he has since then been splitting his time between New York, Austin, and Montreal, where he is now based. As SoulFeeder points out: „he started producing under the name Sprælle in late 2019 making viscerally emotive music, composing a thriving mixture of experimental electronics blended with a deep appreciation for emerging club music.“


TEXT: Krištof Budke

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