While I was scrolling through various artist blogs on the internet, I’ve found Marcelo Solá, 46 years old brazilian artist and painter, by mere accident. I was immediately impressed by his bright vivid colour palette. The colors were aggresive, magnificent and playfully merging with the black canvas. After discovering some more works from Marcelo, I just had to contact him. I wrote him a message on the Facebook. He accepted my request and friendly answered with kindness.

“Hi Kristof. Tanks for enjoy mi Work! Yes, you can make The interview, were you from?”

We’ve started to talk about Brazil and Slovakia. He liked photos of Štrbské pleso and Vysoké Tatry. Next thing I liked about him was his Facebook page. He uses it as a visual diary and keeps adding everyday photos of his life, usually from Goiânia, city where he lives (capital and the biggest city of the brazilian state Goiás with approximately 2 million citizens, not far from the capital city Brasília). It didn’t take long for me to establish friendlike communication with Marcelo via Facebook, and now, we can finally bring you the whole, uncut interview, which we made via email.


Marcelo Solá at his studio


I love your Facebook timeline, you are using it like a visual-photo diary. Do you find inspiration for your paintings in everyday life?

Yes, facebook is another spot where I’ve shown my visual day-to-day. Images that touch me, seduce me. I also show my drawings, the surroundings where they are produced, the people, the architecture, the language written on the walls, what inspires me.

I can see your drawings as a part of a streetart, on the walls. Have you ever tried to do some murals, or wall-painting? Are you a fan of streetart?

I am an urban guy. I don’t see myself living on a farm. Although my atelier is placed on a small farm some 50 km from Goiânia, surrounded by woods with wolves and anteaters, I miss the sirens and the roar of motor cars at night, I’ve already made murals and wall paintings and I dig a lot graffiti and urban art, but what really interest me is the history of drawing since the caves until nowadays.
Artists as Cy Townbly, Mira Schendell I love a lot. I think it’s fantastic when the drawing pass an energy of the moment when it was produced, you fell the weight of the hand of the artist.


You usually use a typical shape which looks like an aeroplane or dog. Is it some specific symbol or message you want to interpret?

Planes have arisen in a season I spent in an atelier in New York. I was there on September 11th in a collective show at The Drawing Center. I was so impressed with the outrage. The image of the planes chased me for a long time. Nowadays they don’t show in my drawings anymore. The dog is inspired in the wolves that show up in my atelier’s background at night. It’s incredible their presence, it’s magic.

Are you happy and confident as an artist in Brazil? Tell me more about brazilian art scene, is it difficult to make your own name between all other artists?

I am happy developing my work here in Brazil. I started really early. I was 20 when I had my first individual show. When I was 32 I was at 25th Bienal Internacional in São Paulo in , latin America coolest show. Brazil has a strong scene with international weight artists, and the interest of the museums and gallery about the new Brazilian contemporary art. I work with three galleries here and there are always shows abroad.

FullSizeRender (3)


What does your typical day look like?

I wake up at 6:30 am, I have some chocolate and milk, have a slice of integral bread, have a cold shower and I got to draw. I stop by 11 am, I cook lunch (I cook lunch every day). After lunch and after the siesta and I come back to my drawings until 7 pm, but there are days when I just contemplate the world. I walk, work out a little in order not to rust. Then I go out without a destination, observing everything around, gathering images with my mobile phone.

I know that you have been in New York City. What do you did there, it was an inspirative trip?

I go almost every year to New York. One of my favorite cities. I love the New Museum, The Metropolitan and the PS1. It’s a city that reflects the world, but I’m falling in love by Amsterdam and Barcelona. Here in Brazil I love São Jorge at Chapada dos Veadeiros, Rio de Janeiro and Goiânia where I live. Ah! Also Hidrolândia where my atelier is located, of course.


Goiânia, foto: Marcelo Solá

Are you in contact with some european galleries or curators?

I have little contact with curators from abroad, in 2013 I took part in the Blind Field show at Broad Art Museum, about the new Brazilian contemporary art and at the moment I’m working with some projects for next year.

Questions: Krištof Budke

More work from Marcelo Solá on Artsy.

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