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Manoid je producent elektronickej hudby z Varšavy. Zavolali sme si ho na náš prvý audio-vizuálny festival #SWINEDAYS, kde išlo o jeho slovenskú premiéru. V podkrovnom priestore kultúrneho centra Stanica Žilina-Záriečie sa spolu s temnými vizualizáciami od kolektívu LOLLAB postaral o jedinečnú temnú párty. Teraz Manoid vydáva nový singel “To Grieve” s dvoma remixmy od umelcov Sid Le Rock a Pysh. Singel vyšiel pod nemeckým labelom Hafendisko. Celé EP si môžete kúpiť cez Bandcamp.

manoid veronika gilkova

Manoid počas Swine Days festivalu Žilina, 2016. FOTO: Veronika Gilková

K titulnej skladbe vznikol aj filmový videoklip od režiséra Pat Dudeka. Klip je o ženskej predstaviteľke, ktorá trpí traumou z jej vzťahu s partnerom. Ponor sa už do temného sveta Manoida.

Prečítajte si pod videom náš anglický rozhovor s Manoidom a dole nájdete premiéru remixu od producenta menom Pysh. O vizuál k remixu sa postarala Katarzyna Irmina Stępniak.

Who is Pysh? Why did you chose him for the remix?

Pysh is a very talented producer based in Warsaw, and he’s my friend as well. I have followed him since two years, and, honestly, he has made an amazing progress. Right now he’s at his best, so when I had stated to think about the remixer, my first thought was to contact him.

Are you totally happy with it?

Yes! I like the remix a lot. He made my track much more dancefloor-friendly. I’m very happy with the remixed version, I think the results are great.

Who wanted to make more remixes of To Grieve singel, you or Hafendisko? Maybe you wanted to promote more these artists?

This very first idea came out from both – me and the label – because we use to perceive remixes as significantly creative challenge to undertake. What in fact it is, is a kind of the puzzle game. It’s rather exciting to hear the whole construction of the brand new song built upon the “bricks of sound” taken from my original records. Though, apart from remarkable artistic dimension, remixes promote all involved with them, so it is mutually beneficial for my mates and me.

“To Grieve” singel is very intense and emotional, how do you feel about the track now? Isn’t it tough/difficult to play it live?

Although I made this track one year ago, I still like to listen to it, so I think that it means something; that there must be some emotional significance in it. That’s the truly emotional, solid track. Of course, if I had tried to play this track live within the original form, that would be a pretty tough thing to do.

Nevertheless, my sets differentiate between each other, and I’m much more focused on getting the interaction with the public, instead of being focused on maintaining the original form.

Where fans will have an opportunity to see you live this year?

The next stop is going to be Audioriver Festival in Płock, Poland. One of the greatest electronic music festivals in Europe, which takes place on the beach of the biggest Polish river – Vistula. That’ll be a perfect place to have some summer chill in there. The other events will be announced soon.

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Text: Krištof Budke Úvodná foto: Marlena Matuszak

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