We are very happy that we got in touch with Argentinian artists duo Aguja. Exclusively you can hear their first track from their upcoming project that will be out on November 11 (Bandcamp). It is a selection of electronic compositions and improvisations recorded live during 2023 by Buenos Aires-based digital hardcore duo Aguja, a collaborative project of multidisciplinary artists and experimental musicians Astrosuka & Sofja.

The narrative of Música Electrónica I derived from the live performances unfolds a dynamic interplay between defined structures, sometimes reminiscent of certain dance music genres, and unpredictable abstractions. Raw, emotional, distorted, melancholic, playful, dark & euphoric — the mixtape reveals an overlap of intensities pushing in multiple, often opposing directions.

Aguja manages to harness the synergy between the two performers, riding and tangling sequencers at high bpm. FM synthesized precise and metallic sounds with boundless elasticity, impulsive percussions, unstable melodies from analog circuits inflected with volatile microtonalities, and sounds that seem to fall through impossible voids. All manipulated in real time to reshape or obliterate the materiality of sound.

Since its inception, Aguja has performed in a wide range of spaces and events, from Ruido Festival to dark and humid basement raves.

Aguja (= Astrosuka + Sofja)

The release will be accompanied by a PDF containing visual artworks created by the artists, and a videoclip in collaboration with Colombian artist and performer Orkgotik and Italian filmmaker Alex Spagnolo.

Label: unun (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Cover artwork + mastering: Astrosuka & Sofja
Aguja is: Astrosuka (astrosuka.xyz) & Sofja (sofffja.com)

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