After several years trailing their own individual paths, new EP Sky-Wide, Fading sees Aires and Canadian Rifles share common ground once again. Based on research into the extensive sound archive of the cultural and musical association Xarabanda in Madeira Island, the process relied on various stages of sonic processing and collecting, subtly bending the lines between analog and digital. From simple field recordings to small prayers and lost rituals, the duo worked on Madeira’s intangible heritage in all its plasticity, at the same time, delving into their own memory, creating parallels and personal projections between the visible and the invisible, the real and the imaginary.

The result is a dense and mournful piece, made up of obscured timbres, far removed from the emotive landscapes that characterize most of their music. The artist Mafalda Melim accompanies the project throughout its visual component, also built between memory and regional imagery.

A collaborative release between ➔ Colectivo Casa Amarela and Eastern Nurseries. CCA#032 // Eastern Nurseries no. 35

Release date: November 30. 2023
Recorded by Bruno Pereira and Rui P. Andrade in Funchal & Lisbon, Portugal 2023
Artwork by Mafalda Melim
Mastered by Owen Pratt
Composed whilst in residency at the Associação Musical e Cultural Xarabanda in Funchal,
Madeira, August 2023.
Kindly supported by APCA – Agência de Promoção da Cultura Atlântica as part of INMADE, a
project financed by República Portuguesa – Cultura / Direção-Geral das Artes.

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