Amadeezy has truly earned the title of Bass Boss. Whether he’s making slick electro and ghettotech trax on International Chrome and Moveltraxx, throwing down bonkers rave anthems for EVAR Records and Mutual Pleasure, or whipping through slick DJ sets from Berlin to LA to Paris, his talent for sculpting low-end is self-evident.

We get to know the talented Boston-based producer via Modern Matters, a brilliant PR and consulting agency that sends us his new project. Producer’s new album is called 2 Lit 2 Quit and will be out on July 28th on excellent EVAR Records, a Los Angeles-based experimental club imprint owned and operated by Aura T-09 and Trickfinger (John Frusciante). We definitely recommend browsing their whole catalog, which includes one of our favorites – Immaculate Poison by Cardopusher aka Safety Trance. Also, be ready for high-quality remixes on the 2 Lit 2 Quit Rmxs.

evar bandcamp

EVAR Records catalogue

Amadeezy’s bangin‘ bass-heavy tracks inspired by rave culture as well as the rap scene became regular features in the DJ sets by well-known DJ names like Boys Noize, Ellen Alien, Miley Serious, Jensen Interceptor, MallGrab, and others. You can stream our favorite track „Go Berserk“ from the new project down below. We like the huge sound of the track, its simple trance-like beat, and overall strength and punchiness. This track can be easily played by DJs around the world in small underground clubs, as well as in large venues. We’re sure, the track will be popping in the sets for sure!

This Filipino-Cuban DJ/producer has been producing since 2008 and DJing a lot longer – in his native Boston, he’s considered a veteran of the underground, known for his long-running trap party PVRPLE as well as exquisitely crafted mixtapes and cult-favorite DJ edits. In 2018, after a decade in the game, Amadeezy decided to legitimately focus on making underground club cuts; the resulting EPs – 2019’s Bass Boss (FTP) and Eastside G-Ride (international Chrome) – became instant international sensations, hitting the airwaves from Boiler Room to NTS and the crates of Ellen Allien, Jensen Interceptor, Stingray, and Boys Noize, who included “Xplosive” in his BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix.

Amadeezy is well-known talent in the bass music scene

And just as soon as the Bass Boss became known as the go-to guy for modern takes on electro-funk and Miami bass, Amadeezy flipped the script completely with a high-octane hard house and gabber release for EVAR Records and a post-modern ghettotech tour de force for Partiboi69’s Mutual Pleasure label.

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