Axine M is an interesting mysterious producer and artist based in New York. The first time hearing of the artist is from her email to us. Maxine contacted us regarding the new project that consists of remixes from her EP USUSUSESESERERER. We are receiving a lot of emails from different collectives, labels, and artists from all over the world, but after seeing the unique cover and listening to USER remixes (release on June 15th) I was immediately surprised by the originality of the music. There is a lot of experimental music out there. You can fall very quickly into SoundCloud, Bandcamp (and other platforms) rabbit holes and spend hours discovering new artists. But I love when you are caught in the artist’s story from the very first moment. For me, it was this strange otherworldy atmosphere of Axine’s tracks, website, her artworks… And the remixes are no exception. We have chosen the track „th02 (pent Remix)“ by pent. (We also recommend Axine M’s mix for The Lot Radio).

● Swine: Can you tell me something about pent? How did you met her/him? (I asked Axine right away via e-mail).

● Axine M: „pent is my good homie and frequent synthesis confidante. we met at Bossa Nova Civic Club like 6 years ago? we talk about FromSoft games and share pictures of our cats. i’ve been bugging her to do a remix for a while so this is really gratifying for me. i love her music and spin it all the time.“

>> Bossa Nova Civic Club: Instagram

Later, I asked in the email: ● What do you think about this remix, when he/she send it to you what was your reaction?

A: „more remix projects will definitely happen. it’s unbeatable fun, great for my ego, and i love sharing my friends‘ music with people. as a DJ it feels amazing to play them.“

Chaos Computer. Photo by Escobat.

● S: In the description of the project it’s written, that the proceeds will go to Chaos Computer. Can you tell us more about it?

A: „proceeds will support the eventual relocation of Chaos Computer and the imminent need of housing for BIPOC collective members. Chaos Computer is a collectively-run, no-profit venue in Brooklyn „dedicated to fostering and celebrating divergent and DIY art, regardless of its commercial viability in the capitalist economy.“ it is facing eviction in July. everyone on the release, including myself, is a member of the collective or has booked or played a show at the venue. i love this group of people so much. there are like 30 of us, and it’s the most non-hierarchical thing I’ve ever been part of.“

More info here >>

A: „USUSUSESESERERER was made in Covid-19 isolation, so it’s notable that the project timeline parallels an emergent irl social habit and the arc of CC as a venue; it opened in March 2022, USUSUSESESERERER came out in October 2022, and CC will close its first physical iteration next month.“

Maxine closes the email with the final note: „all the remixes make me deeply grateful. i am geeked. i’m so spoiled.“

You can follow Axine M on Instagram / SoundCloud and check out her website pent Instagram here / Photos of Chaos Computer by Escobat / 3D models by Alfie Pietroni / FUN FACT: NVIDIA Maxine is a suite of GPU-accelerated AI SDKs and cloud-native microservices for deploying AI features that enhance audio, video, and augmented reality effects in real-time.

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