Swine Daily got an email from the London-based abstract electronic and alternative club music label All Centre. I totally loved all the tracks from the London newcomer blu-e, as well as from DJ Pitch, which is also a label boss. Two producers now join forces for a split EP called when u feel the heat / Motorboat on the All Centre, marked as the 51st release of the label.

We are now premiering the track „when u feel the heat“ which is an opening of the EP. „Syncopated drum patterns, heavy bass weight, and an infectious melody lay the groundwork before scrambled double-time drum patterns roll in to pull the track into hyperdrive. The track builds to a dubbed-out breakdown, pulled back into a heavy rhythmic workout to close the track,“ writes the label and we couldn’t find a more accurate description of the sound.

∎ Let yourself sink into the imaginative sound and blast the track on your home sound system, or just on your headphones, walking through a city ➡

∎ Your first Bandcamp release is a 2-tracks EP Malfunction by Simkin from 2018. It is a compelling hybrid electronic music, with unusual sounds and an interesting dreamy abstract atmosphere. You have also started to use the illustrated graphic design layout for the other projects as well. How can you describe your vision of the label from that time? Do you have a concrete plan of which artists you want to collaborate with?

I (Simkin) sent Malfunction and System over to DJ Pitch a few years ago, and he told me that it would be an ideal fit for a new label he wanted to start, All Centre. After he’d released Object Blue‚s first EP on TT, he was interested in exploring more music on the more experimental and unconventional side of the UK bass scene, and this came to form the basis of All Centre’s sound. In terms of who we want to collaborate with, it started off with friends of ours like Holloway and Les, but began to broaden out to other artists we were fans of that seemed a good fit for the sound we were building. From there we’ve mostly stuck to a monthly release schedule. Focusing on giving a platform to new artists as much as possible. In terms of the illustrations, those have all been done by Bette Blachard from the beginning. We’re very lucky that she’s been able to provide such amazing artwork throughout the label’s existence, which has given a real sense of visual cohesion to our catalogue.


Blu-e Artist Photo

∎ How do you see the contemporary London electronic music scene and how do you think ALL CENTRE fits into it?

The scene for bass music is really strong, and it also feels very friendly and collaborative. We’re huge fans of what groups like Accidental Meetings, Scuffed, Kindred and others are doing in the city at the moment. I guess we fit in by giving a platform for artists to release with, and also linking this together with regular events that we put on in London at clubs like Venue MOT and Spanners. We’re also trying to connect with artists globally though, a lot of the artists that we release with live outside of London, and we try to harbour this community online through our Discord.

∎ What are some of the dreams that you have with the label? Do you want to expand, make more live shows for example? Collaborate with some brands, other labels, etc.?

We’ll carry on with how we usually approach our releases, putting out EPs as regularly as we can and hopefully working with some more new artists in the coming year. We are hoping to expand our live events in the near future though. We have a party in London to celebrate our 5th birthday on the 19th of August. We’re hoping to take the events on the road after this, and we’re talking to promoters about collaborating on events in Manchester, Bristol, Paris, and more.

Text: Krištof Budke / You can follow All Centre on Bandcamp / Instagram / SoundCloud

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