Two of our favorite labels Club Late Music & Over My Body team up for a joint release! The new project, that will be out on February 7th, is called Apex Union, a split EP featuring Berlin-based Bungalovv & Taipei-based Lujiachi with remixes by B E N N, Dj Animebby, DJ Würm & jondu.

The release initiates the new CLM collaborative series called SPLIT – a simple format where one member from the Global URL Nation shares an EP with an artist from another label or collective. „It also marks the first official collaboration of young Taiwan-based Over My Body with another label! This joint collaboration is pretty straightforward: two artists, two tracks each, and remixes by members of both collectives.“

Over the past few years, Bungalovv and Lujiachi have affirmed and cultivated unique sonic palettes that seduced local and international scenes alike. Their encounter on Apex Union initiates a dialog, a weaving of their extended footprints where throbbing basses intertwine with piercing noises, sharp percussions and spiraling voices – resulting in four tracks that will shred, tear and enchant the firmest minds and the stiffest bodies.

The original tracks are reinterpreted by B E N N & jondu from the Over My Body roster, as well as Dj Würm and Dj Animebby from the GUN community, extracting the core essence of the originals to infuse them with raw flavors, that will perfectly soundtrack the haziest cave raves and bleakest winter nightwalks.


01. Bungalovv – In Between Car Parts
02. Lujiachi – Segmented Dream [Swine Premiere]
03. Bungalovv – Xylem
04. Lujiachi – Nerve
05. Bungalovv – In Between Car Parts (Dj Würm Remix)
06. Lujiachi – Segmented Dream (Dj Animebby Remix)
07. Bungalovv – Xylem (B E N N Remix)
08. Lujiachi – Segmented Dream (jondu Remix)


Tracks produced by Bungalovv, B E N N, Dj Animebby, DJ Würm, jondu, & Lujiachi  ☗  Cover & visual works by GaryChig0o & XTRUX  ☗  Mastering by Bademjan  ☗   Additional mixing on Tracks 1 & 3 by Tufi

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