During my time in Buenos Aires, I get to know talented DJs and producers CHOCA and DJ ASHLEY. They played at almost every interesting underground party. I loved their unexpected chaotic energy selection. Every set, they played was different. Now, they have teamed up for the first time to create a new EP called K.S.U.R (KÍMIKA SONORA UTÓPICA REVOLUCIONARIA). The record will be released via a newly formed label by Asociacion Futurista Anti Binaria (A.F.A.B.) (Instagram).

For the past couple of years, djAshley and CHOCA have been staples of the Buenos Aires underground club scene. Their DJing can usually be described as loud and chaotic; an intentionally improper, or „messy“ type of sound. What mostly characterizes them though, is their unpredictability and boldness in their music selection and mixing skills.

In this four-track EP – composed and produced in a couple of intimate hangouts – they seem to venture deep into sonic subtleties like those found in the more textured and trippy styles of bass music, while also experimenting with more personal and unexpected types of rhythms such as footwork and riddim → all while still maintaining that punk spirit and playfulness that has made them stand out over their careers.

CHOCA with DJ ASHLEY outside during the KIOSKERA event in Parque las Turras, Buenos Aires, 2023

Elsa AKA DJ ASHLEY is a DJ and producer from Buenos Aires. She doesn’t like being confined to no particular or specific music genre, always researching and trying to push boundaries to not bore the listener. She’s a founder of „Nave Anima“, works as a part of the „Ce Za Be“ party, and has played parties such as Gede, Tvl Rec, Mache7e, Ce Za Be, Vamos a Morir, Entrenar la Fiesta, 808, Sueño Mojado, Teorema, Invasão FM (SP), amongst others. This is her debut EP.


CHOCA is DJ and music producer from San Juan, Argentina is currently based in Buenos Aires. Resident DJ for HiedraH club de baile and active member and organizer for Kioskera, one of the most interesting underground parties from BA. Her latest releases have been a split EP with argentinian artist Brea for an Ecuadorian label CTM and previously a solo EP titled „Scams and Schemes“ for a UK label TT tobago.


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