Welcome to the vibrant world of Club Quimera! Born in September 2021, Club Quimera is a relatively new dynamic musical community based in Valparaíso, Chile. It seeks avant-garde hybrid sounds with a focus on free and mutating expression.

In nearly three years of existence, it has organically organized numerous interdisciplinary events, collaborating and celebrating the musical identity of over 50 projects that have graced its stage.

Club Quimera also organizes various events and parties

Whether in the subway, in the streets or through software, Quimera never abandons its playlist „Q1.m3u“, a collection of music that represents the heart and soul of this community, featuring the talented friends who have graced their home.

Today, we’re thrilled to share this treasure trove of electronic beats, captivating bands, and mesmerizing sound art with you. Available in both digital and USB pendrive formats, this collection comes to life with stunning cover art and design by Onitic, a visionary digital artist from Valparaíso.

1) First of all, I totally love the compilation. I’m researching quite regularly the new underground and experimental club music via SoundCloud, Bandcamp, etc. and this is really one of the most unique collections of songs.

Thanks! It’s been a labor of love for all of us.

2) What was the key, or the concept, behind this compilation? Did you have some specific vision, that you tell artists before inviting them to this project? Have you shared some common drum kits, or samples, to be sonically coherent, and similar?

Not really, Quimera has always been about merging different approaches to music and sound in general. That’s why we’re delighted to present a diverse array of tracks, each within its own musical universe, which in turn represents our free-for-all identity.

4) I can see a reference to the Japanese culture. The names like „Kimerachu“ „Kiminomori“ or various Japanese music samples. Is the Japanese culture something that inspires you a lot?

Anime and Japanese culture have been something relevant to Chile’s cultural DNA since the 90s when a lot of series were streamed through public television, shaping our emotional culture as we grew up. Quimera’s flirtation with Japanese culture is an aspect of our fantasy-mythological framework that we aren’t fully aware of yet. Dystopia meets cute sci-fi in the Global South. This has been made noticeable with the „Quimeras“ created by @bacteriasesina, which definitely have a Digimon-esque vibe to them. Every event we’ve held is another chapter in this saga, whose final stages or purpose we do not know.

5) Are you inspired by the various Latin American rhythms (dembow, guaracha, reggaeton,…)? What is the process of working with them? I love how you mix all the various musical styles, with unusual sounds and samples, and it creates this futuristic non-specific club hybrid, it’s amazing!

„Non-specific club hybrid“ would be a great way to describe it!! We strongly believe in the internet as a non-local ubiquitous place where music and sound can have real freedom. Quimera is the specific physical place where we can enjoy an unprejudiced, multi-genre dancefloor. The aim is to create an alternative, engaging, and forward-looking scene that doesn’t adhere to established musical norms and regulations. Even if that means occasionally confusing our audience, we believe in something bigger than strictly club music, sound art, or live-band settings. We wish to create a space for music itself.

Featuring tracks by:

falso documental @tartrhs
Maga @maga.aa
lilen @mslilen
paltamango @paltamango_
mariapepinos @gatirobot
mijail nadir i aisa sana @mijailnadir @aisa.aisasana.sana
fransia 98 @fransia_98
Buen Clima @buen_clima_
syntrovert @syntrovert
DJ PELUCHE @xx_djpeluche_xx
Despirales @despirales
iktomi @m17.na6
Segunda Mordida & #2F6F82 @2gundamrdida @straydogsleeping
DJ MAXICAT @maxikatzen
serial @serialdj
C3NTELL4 @im_the_real_fuckencio
TASHKA & Malaura @tashka_music @tr333strist333s
ENDOFOBIA @bacteriasesina_
Hypereikon @hypereikon
EXTRABLOOD @extrablood
Pelícano Turbo @pelicanoturbo
ALEROJ @aleroj.xo
DJ Daddy Yonqui @malasverte
Genemi @genemiplanet
ripio @r.ripio

Master / Mastering @buen_clima_
Arte / Cover Art @_onitic_

Stay tuned for the Release Date = 05/01/2024 / Interview: Krištof Budke

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