Today we’re launching our 22nd festival edition, titled »Transformation.« This 100% online edition is an attempt to experiment with new digital formats, and finding ways to adapt while preserving important forms of continuity – encouraging connections, supporting ongoing artistic work, and engaging in crucial dialogues.

There are many ways to engage with CTM 2021 this year, including watching our Discourse talk series and music programme via the CTM Live page of our website or via our CTM YouTube channel, entering our CTM Cyberia virtual festival environment and exhibition, entering the Club Matryoshka virtual sci-fi rave in Minecraft or the CQ5 club night via Club Quarantäne’s online multi-room venue, or by booking a slot to experiment with Khyam Allami’s Aptome generative music environment. We invite you to consult our festival schedule.

Gabber Modus Operandi / Foto: Oktavian Adhiek Putra


Newly-Announced Artists/Programmes

The Trans/local performance series features commissioned works that will be live-streamed from the silent green Betonhalle venue. Each performance unites a Berlin-based artist with creators in other parts of the world, who explore ways of remote collaborative work and performance. With: Isabel Lewis and Loraine James; Mark Fell, Jim O’Rourke, Rian Treanor, Petronn Sphene feat Limpe Fuchs; Born in Flamez x Muxxxe feat. Lilly Pfalzer and Ronald Berger; Dana Gingras, Sonya Stefan & Tot Onyx.

Further commissioned works will be presented throughout the festival, including an extended voice/electronics tone poem by Christina Wheeler, a vortex-inducing A/V performance by ERAM (aka Marianna Viscaíno) and EPX (aka Linn da Quebrada crew member Pininga) with SASKIA, and a tribute to composer and musician Wendy Scott by experimental filmmaker Frances Scott and musician Tom Richards.

Club Qu, IOR50 Studio & CTM Present: CQ5 is a virtual club night created together with Club Quarantäne.

The night is modeled quite closely to a real club experience, including a virtual queue and bouncer as you arrive, and an elaborate digital interior to be explored.

We’ve teamed up with IOR50 Studio and its founder Sam Aldridge to present a queer motion capture archive within the virtual club’s space, and the night’s soundtrack has been collaboratively curated to feature an international range of queer collectives: Mexico City’s Tortilla will be represented by Arieshandmodel, NYC’s Oscar Nñ will be repping Papi Juice, Johannesburg’s DORMANTYOUTH will arrive accompanied by their Pussy Party crew, Taiwanese collective ArtKB48 will appear with performance artist Betty Apple, salsa music lover ISAbella showcases Barcelona’s Maricas collective, and the previously mentioned ZONAexp collective (SWINE DAILY’S HUGE RECOMMENDATION) will feature EPX x ERAM feat. SASKIA.

Also in the programme, a selection of performances presented together with partners Nyege Nyege, Playfreely/BlackKaji, and Yes No Klub / Re:IMAGINE will be streamed throughout the festival, along with video pieces produced by CTM earlier in 2020. re-stream performances mean to give these artistic works wider exposure, while also questioning the streaming economy’s relentless demand for artists to constantly produce new content.

CTM’s closing concert is »Life is but a Stream« pres with Shameless/Limitless (S/L), one of Berlin’s long-standing concert series for live pop and experimental music. The co-curated lineup presents punk/club duo Amigdala, broadway-inspired Sean Nicholas Savage, and footloose club-pot supergroup Ultraflex. Festivalgoers are invited to try out some live performer-audience interaction during the concert, using the browser-based Streamback app.

The CTM Discourse series provides diverse entry points into the Transformation theme via talks, lecture-performances, panel discussions and more, from 21-30 January 2021.

We invite everyone to join us on the CTM Discord server now open until 14 February 2021. Meet and chat with artists, participants, and other attendees as you explore the online festival. The CTM team will be posting updates and will also be available for questions and feedback.


Press release provided by CTM communications manager Taïca Replansky

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