[ENGLISH VERSION BELOW] Pražský kolektív a vydavateľstvo Genot Centre predstavuje debutový album ruskej producentky My Cruelty (Lyudmila Severtseva) s názvom The Secret WeaponAlbum si zaslúžilo mnohé skvelé reakcie v online magazínoch. Ide o jubilejný 40. release vydavateľstva a výrazný žánrový úkrok od ich obvyklej produkcie.

The Secret Weapon by Lyudmila Severtseva aka My Cruelty, mastered by Fausto Mercier, is a tapestry of ambiguous harmony, rolling synth stabs and sparse, syncopated drum patterns. Icy house piano phrases undergo a process of mini counterpoint, later on even complemented by acidic permutations. As the boundaries between tracks dissolve, a dancefloor-ready scintillating grid illusion unveils itself.

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Resident Advisor about The Secret Weapon:

Imagine Mark Fell crossed with „Avril 14th“ and you’re not far off. But in spite of the generative feel of the composition, it never feels academic or stuffy, instead lilting, inviting and a bit mischievous.

Album was released on April 19th, 2020, and is available on tape and digital on Genot Centre. Album cover & motion design for “intro” video was created by BESSA illustration.

My Cruelty about her debut album:

„My purpose – to create a hypnotic sound, music full of feelings, that gives you a sense. My album is a story, a listener walks with me through my life. A very difficult time in my life, many contradictions, breaking up with the past, and feeling myself in the present. I really like the mythologist Jean Cocteau and his films, the poetry of his images. It inspires me to create my own mythology.

You come inside and feel the silence, endure the pain. But it’s not depressive or sad, this pain opens a new door in life, this pain clears, and changes make stronger. Dance and cry.

I really love Björk, I got a lot of inspiration from her music, I really love house music, I love the different style of music. My album is an ode to the love of music, life. Never stop livingI am a pure stream, I am an open infinity. I see dreams and go to meet them. The question of self-determination has always been important for me, who I am, what is most suitable for me to do in this world, which will benefit me and the people around me from my work.

I wrote this album when it was a production downtime at work, employers owed me money, it made me feel anxiety and excitement about my future, at that time I worked in the furniture industry as a wood grinding specialist. I decided if I hadn’t money for my pleasure, I should take pleasure from nothing, I should find it inside. I wrote the album in 2-3 weeks. Overall these years of work, I have collected an incredible number of stories about people and their destinies, a large flow of people has passed through me, there is also a place for this in the album. Music is life, this is movement, this is energy, this is dance.“

„I am playing with shapes and fragments in different layers floating around the basis – smiley face. These forms exist together and separately at the same time. They are continuously moving and creating certain tension which gives you ephemeral feeling. Because movement is the basis of our life, nature and the universe itself,“ says BESSA illustration about the cover design.

Zdroj: Tlačová správa Genot Centre

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