We have prepared a small teaser for you in the form of the interview with Tommy Genesis – young Canadian rapper, coming from Atlanta’s label Awful Records, well known and always associated with the big name Father. At the end of the month one of the best music clubs in Brno – Kabinet múz is organizing a concert of this young hip-hop blood (INFO at the end of interview).

Tommy will present not only her music production full of rythmical beats, cheeky verses and inner messages, but she will also uncover herself as a human being characterized by very strong feminine independent spirit and with a great deal of girlish glamor at the same time. Enjoy the reading of the interview of this globally respectable musician.

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How did you meet Father, and what does your relationship look like now, are you close friends?

We met online – the internet is a great place to meet new friends! I’m what you call old school. I don’t talk about relationships in interviews I just cherish them in real life.

Do you still work with a label Awful records or did you start to go your own direction?

I am currently signed to Downtown Records and Interscope.

How much time are you spending with others from Awful crew these days?

I’ve honestly been so busy traveling for music and modeling that I’ve barely spent any time anywhere or seen any of my friends for longer than a week.

What is the process of creating your music? Is it exclusively based on your ideas or is it more based on collaborations with other musicians, producers and so on?

I don’t have any features on my new album yet. But often, I’ll make a song then bring it into the studio with other musicians and rebuild it to a point where it’s the best version of itself… and if I can’t get it there – I’ll scrap it. I’m savage when it comes to edits.

What do you think that your music is about? Is it more about texts, beats or the final track as a whole?

Definitely the final track as a whole; the atmosphere or feeling it evokes.

You have started your model career in Lorde Inc, which is a street model agency. Do you consider yourself as a fashion icon? Is it the way you want to go now or do you still see yourself more like a musician?

I don’t have a modeling career – I’m just an artist. I’ve never been signed to an agency – it’s just something I do for fun. I definitely do not consider myself an icon, I just consider myself Genesis.

You are going through a long European tour these days. How is European audience? Are there any differences between American and European one? Can you compare the atmosphere?

I Love Europe. So much. The kids are punk. They’re political. But they love to party- and I don’t even like to party but you bring the energy out in me.

I remember last year in Prague you were hanging around with people after the concert. Do you do it often? Is it one of your goals to be friendly and get in touch with your fans?

Aw. Yes I do. It’s not a goal, I just love to meet people. If I’m not there for you then I’m there for me and that just seems selfish and boring.

Can you tell us, which 3 songs are you listening to the most these days?

I don’t listen to music really. But I have been playing Rich Homie Quan ‚Walk Thru‘ 3 times or more daily.

What plans do you have in 2017? Is there something you want to concentrate on the most?

My plan for 2017 is to treat people the way I want to be treated. Stay informed. Stay compassionate. And smile.

SUPPORT: Maniak (BiggBoss) + DJ Alyaz (BiggBoss, Sapyens Records) + Brno-based BABYPOOL.


Questions: Swine Daily

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