▷ Artist’s Intro:

Felisha Ledesma is a sound artist and musician living and working in Berlin. Over the past decade, Ledesma has run various project spaces, overseen festival curation and events programming. Recently, they’ve curated (with Roya Amirsoleymani) a multifaced exhibition called „Remembering to Remember: Experiments in Sound“ in Portland Institute for Contemporary Art. The program consisted of more than 15 international, national, and local artists spanning live performances; multichannel compositions; films/videos and artist residencies, community workshops, and public engagements. Felisha is also playing at Intonal Festival in Malmö, Sweden (April 26 – 30).

We also recommend their great NTS show, described as a „microcosmic world building, aural experiments, and tonal in-betweens.“ You can find various excellent mixes, tracks and other sonic experiments on their website.

This incredible meditative music playlist by Felisha is a calming mixture of piano compositions, ambient music, spoken word, electronica, poetry, trip-hop and everything in between.

▷ Music letter:

5:00 am
by Felisha
To: Swine Daily

„I have been starting my day before the sun comes up. No one is awake in my apartment or any of the apartments around us. I am refreshed and I can take things slow, so this is my favorite way to listen to new releases – in my thinking chair, lying on the floor, or on looking out over the balcony as the light hits. Whether it’s morning or not where you are, I hope you can take some time to enjoy the records in this playlist, too.“

 FelishaLedesma_Kasia Zacharko

Felisha Ledesma / Foto by: Kasia Zacharko

● Felisha made also a list on Buy Music Club website, you can find it here.

Lisa Lerkenfeldt – Before they were clouds

Nyokabi Kariuki – feeling body

Johanna Orellana – El Jardín III

Sarah Davachi & Sean McCann – Lamplighter

Ani Zakareishvili – After

Maria W Horn & Sara Parkman – Evighetens Sommar

Not Waving & Romance – While My Heart Is Still Beating

Hunt – Lovers Meet In Reverie

tibslc x Ludwig Wandinger – little birds~ or how I’ve folded myself into a tiny letter

Bernard Parmegiani – De Natura Sonorum, Première série

Niko-Matti Ahti – Kaivajaiset Part 2.1

Tetsuya Nakayama – Subsidence

Space Afrika – Meet Me at Sachas ft. Florence Sinclair

Zsela – Earlier Days

Purelink – Slow & Steady Rush (feat. Gi Gi)

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( Special thanks, as always, to Jessica Goodchild from Goodchild PR )

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