f l o w e r ∞ c o n s c i o u s ∞ p r o d u c e r

These are the first words which an artist Huxley Anne uses as a description on her facebook profile. I stumbled across this highly interesting producer, who lives in the Los Angeles, by total coincidence, while digging through Bandcamp. Her great album Ilium came out last month via California-based label Dome Of Doom. This piece offers a dark, yet colourful palette of sound story, composed into 8 tracks. Even though Huxley Anne can be perceived as a part of widely known LA beat scene, her sound is easily distinguished from the rest of it. Ilium merges technical perfection of rhythmical, even dance beats, cracked electronics, industrial sounds, noise and makes a complex unique atmosphere full of emotions.

You can learn more about Huxley in our email interview.

Listen to the album Ilium by Huxley Anne below and buy a copy here >>

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Hey! Can you tell us where are you right now and what you’ve been doing?

I’m in my studio at 2:00am. LA is taking the first breath of summer nights. I’ve been working on new music and been running synths through this new vocal pedal for hours.

When did you start making your own music? Do you remember your first favourite album, artist or song?

I started making music as a teenager, but mostly played in bands. It wasn’t until I was 20 that I started using a computer to make music, and that is when I discovered I could actually make the sounds I hear in my head into something tangible, outside of myself. My first favorite album was Miles Davis – Bitches Brew, I picked it out when I bought my first CD at age 12 and couldn’t handle how my mind disintegrated in awe. If I had to listen to one song for the rest of time, it would be „Sanctuary“ off that record.

hux press

What is your ideal environment for creating music? Do you need some special element for feeling good and right, or it’s just you, silence and your room/studio?

Me, silence, and my studio. Ideally when no roommates are home, ideally late at night.

In your music, I can definitely hear a colourful mixture of many genres, many different sounds. What does interest you the most in music? What styles and music are important for you?

The invisible narratives are one of the most interesting things to me – the stories music can tell without using any words. I really enjoy messing with juxtaposing elements from different genres that wouldn’t necessarily go together, and seeing if an emotional narrative emerges. All kinds of musical styles – jazz, electronic, folk, halftime, hip-hop, Brazilian tropicana, house. I listen to some of everything. Been really into Gregorian chants lately, too.

Do you find inspiration for your tracks in some other art form despite the music itself, too? Like for example, literature, film or visual art?

Absolutely. I read voraciously, working through Henry Miller & Anaïs Nin’s work right now. Film is probably my favorite medium, a complete synthesis of so many different artistic elements. I’m a huge fan of Lars von Trier, each of his films strike a different emotional core of the human condition. Visual artists are probably the closest to my musical inspiration – especially some of my friends. They blow my mind.

What are some (music/visual) artists, that you can recommend us? What do you listen to the most, these days?

Actress, SD Laika, Gonjasufi, Trance Farmers, the Dixie Crystals LP. On the visual tip, Hirad Sab, Nic Courdy, Dalena Tran, Mikey Joyce, Cy Twombly. I’ve been listening to a lot of new electronic as Ash Koosha or Arca, music that feels as though it is from 50 years in the future inside a virtual catacomb. Also many records of old Brazilian music from the 60s, and this wavy rapper named Aminé. The world is in turmoil right now, and you can hear it in the music that is being released.

Contemporary art is having to adapt to technological chaos & heavy political landscapes. I respect the artists who accept the painful reality of the present and transform it into beauty.

Text: Krištof Budke

Editing + translation: Denisa Funtíková + Karel Havlíček

Foto: Lloyd Galbraith

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