Bichote-K Bailable Vol.2 is Hiedrah’s new compilation of bootlegs-edits that dialogue with cumbia in any of its geographical variables or, in an even broader sense, with „tropical music“. The project is available from November 20th via Bandcamp.

„The need to put this together compiled was born because, for us, the tropical scene, its music, its dances, its culture and its social representation cross us all more or less equally, although with differences between each of the latitudes of Latin America. While only Hiedrah residents participated in its first volume, in this second edition of Bichote-k, we extended the call to producers from Chile, Uruguay and Peru.“ The result is a compilation of 9 tracks that revert classic cumbia with more industrial or experimental music elements. Highly recommended! Fav track: DJ Sentimiento – „No me vuelvo a Enamorar“.

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