(English Interview below) Talianskeho producenta Alberta Rosso aka MORKEBLA sme našli približne pred tromi rokmi. Náš vtedajší rozhovor bol jedným z prvých na Swine Daily. Po rokoch sme si napísali opäť, keď Alberto vydával nový projekt „Inner Maze Walkthrough“, ktorý je vonku na ruskom labeli FUSELAB. Ide o silný a emotívny album, ktorý je vhodný na meditatívne a hĺbavé domáce počúvanie, no track ako „Altrove“ by sa pokojne hodil do temného klubu. Prečítajte si už náš rozhovor s Morkebla o objavovaní samého seba skrz hudbu.

Alberto, ciao! It’s been 3 years since our last interview on Swine Daily. It was 2015, you have released an EP Meet Me In a Decompression Chamber on Farbwechsel label. I am so happy you’ve sent me your new album – it’s beautiful. How you developed during this phase of 3 years musically?

Thank you for your kind words. Well, after the Farbwechsel EP, I released an album called “Ono-Sendai Cyberspace” on German label BAROC and the EP “A Field Of Secondary Craters” on UK label Czaszka Records. Those were both issued in 2016. After that, I decided to take some time for focusing on other activities, rather than music only, but then I restarted producing at the end of 2017 thus the new release on Fuselab slowly came to life. I hope this record will bang and get some good feedbacks, which so far, has already happened!

„Drippy rhythms, haunted industrial touch, subtly discomforting though balanced textures – a good blend of ambient electronica and nowadays meta divings into one’s mind corners.“ – Lobster Records

Your project has wonderful composition in terms of gradation. First track „Dry Air“ is a perfect intro. With second „Altrove“ I can feel some kind of entering into this „Inner Maze“ (as it’s the title of album), and with third song „Do Not Click Here“ it feels like in an imaginary space of yourself (or myself when listening to it), your memories, deep feelings etc. Is this project meant to be a journey to yourself?

Your analysis is impressive. And yes, I think “Inner Maze Walkthrough” is my most personal release so far. I composed these tracks by looking inside myself and the title of the album probably says it as well. I did not produce any music for one year before these tracks, but when I started again I felt like I wanted to describe what was happening inside me.

So I see this record as “music to decode myself”, but my goal is to reflect the sounds on the listener for it to become “music to decode yourself”.

All the songs are part of an introspective journey the listener can take on his own.

For me personally, I can see a lot of things while listening to this project. Is the visual part also important for you? Are you working with somebody on some videoclips/visuals for a song from the project?

The visual part is always very important to me. For this release I have one collaboration happening at the moment with UK artist Stephen McLaughlin AKA Straightola. I like his work and vision very much. We already collaborated in the past for the video of my split with Best Available Technology. Expect some good stuff coming very soon.

How was the cover artwork created? If I’m right the artist was Theresa Baumgartner? How did you collaborate with her?

For the cover art Fuselab asked me to pick up some artists I really enjoyed and Theresa was the final choice. I discovered her work by browsing the net and I was really impressed by her photos.

She also works on visual performances and has collaborated on stage with Michael Stein & Kyle Dixon playing Stranger Things and Jlin to mention a few.

After looking at her portfolio, I discovered she also makes drawings, so I asked her to send me some of her unreleased works and, together with the label, we found both front and back cover of the album. They’ll look great after print!

innermaze coverart

Cover Art for Morkebla: Theresa Baumgartner

How long you’ve been working on this project? It was smooth or long complicated process?

I have been working on the tracks in “Inner Maze Walkthrough” for a couple of months. I have to say the composition process was smooth. I sent the label 1 or 2 tracks at the beginning, and then the full release, which they suddenly like and approved. Then the tracks got mastered by Eugene, head of the label. After that, it took a long time for it to be confirmed and pressed, as it always happens, times for vinyl pressing are very long, but this is part of the game!

How did you choose Perfume Advert to remix song „Do Not Click Here“ what do you like specifically on the British duo? (In Swine Daily, we love them too).

I was already in contact with Perfume Advert and I am a big fan of their music. This remix happened soon after I sent them “Do Not Click Here”, which is also the first song I composed form this record. I really loved how Thomas & Aaron re-interpreted that track by reassembling and restructuring it, in particular with the recreation of layering textures and distant kicks.  

Have you some plans to go on tour with this project? I would love to see this live.

I am working on a new live set and I am available for booking requests 🙂 cheers!

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Questions: Krištof Budke / Cover Foto: Stefano Majno

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