I think the first time I got in contact with the work of the Polish, Haague-based graphic designer and artist Jan Wojda (@jaaaaaanoooo on Instagram), was on SoundCloud. His mix „GO CRAZY GO STUPID“ jumped on me via the SoundCloud recommendation algorithm. I was immediately interested in the cover of the mix, which was this strange cartoon head >>

Jan Wojda Cover

Bit scary, a bit funny, but it captures your attention, right? Nevertheless, the mix was also very interesting, a combination of crazy Brazilian funk, trance-infused dembow, metal-trap edits, high-tempo alternative club music, energetic, impulsive mixing, etc. Despite crazy musical mixes, Jan recently graduated from the Royal Academy of Arts, Graphic Design Department in Den Haag.

In this article, we want to showcase some of the visual work by Jan. So, feel free to follow Jan on Instagram (or check out his portfolio) and play his new special mix for our series of guest mixes (tracklist in the SoundCloud description).

And here are some of the finest pieces by Jan:

top secret

„Top Secret“


„Security Custom Logo“


„Birds Of Prey 3“

prey 2

„Birds Of Prey 2“

„Gravity Warsaw #2“




„Trial Error Instagram“

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