Joel Eel is a Korean-Canadian electronic music performer, DJ, producer, label manager and artist who embodies romantic vulnerability. Previously known for his eccentric and body-motive performances: with an arsenal of punishing acid lines and vocal infused hooks. Eel has leaned towards light-hearted melodies due to the unexpected nature of the heart.

In 2020, Joel Eel was diagnosed with a heart disease called atrial fibrillation (A-fib) — known to cause rapid heart palpitations, chest pain, shortness of breath, and a heart rate of 203 bpm (faster than trance). Through the condition, he experienced a strenuous amount of suffering, leading to multiple visits to the emergency room.

“Battling my condition, I felt crippled by the disease. The experience caused a significant amount of distress to my physical and mental state. I needed to find purpose.“ While exploring various forms of healing as an attempt to manage suffering, Eel imagined a place for a reason, creating his third full-length album Love Infinity [May 12th]. Pre-order here via Bandcamp. The artwork was created by the wonderful and talented Ram Han.

Refining a body of work spanning over the past 4 years — a painstaking surgical process, he dismantles his nostalgic industrial edge, crossing over somewhere between left field dance music & celestial pop. Eel expands the journey featuring vocal collaborations from Leevisa, one of Seoul’s rising stars in underground music on the title “Love Infinity,” in addition to a deity like vocal presence from Toronto based producer and DJ Kayla Domenica on “Screen Resolution,” and a club-infused track with Berlin-based producer and sound experimentalist, Ausschuss on “Sweat.”

Love Infinity amalgamates melancholic melodies, emotional strength, the discovery of soothing textures and the desire for beautiful compositions. Finding a way to deal with suffering, the artist steps onto new vibrations. A portion of the sales will be donated to the heart and stroke foundation, more Info here.

01) Piece of Heaven
02) Ten Thousand Years
03) Screen Resolution (feat. Kayla Domenica)
04) Life Vessel
05) Hybrid Human Pt. I
06) Hybrid Human Pt. II
07) Saturation Clarity
08) Love Infinity (feat. Leevisa)
09) Sweat (feat. Ausschuss)
10) Fragrance Unity
11) Recovery

Special thanks to: Jessica from Goodchild PR

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