KILLA SELFIE is a musical dialogue between two generations, genders and creative approaches. The duo from Kharkiv remaps the legacy of electronic dance music, mixing techno, grime, breakbeat, electro, juke, and jungle with Ukrainian folklore and the spirit of resistance in an eclectic round dance. Each track is a sound selfie, where the boundary between the creator and the object gradually vanishes.

KILLA SELFIE is a new music duo between Karaoke Tundra and Irrenafford, Ukranian artists now based in Bratislava, Slovakia. After Irrenafford’s debut project on independent Ukrainian label Ochi (ОЧІ) they made the new EP in the autumn (August-November). It was quite a spontaneous process, as Karaoke Tundra told us. The full album will be available on November 30.

We can find guest vocalists, and rappers on the project as well. „With featured guests, it was also spontaneous. We weren’t planning any vocal collaborations, it was made to be an instrumental album. Jurko came to us when we had been already working on the project and asked if we had some beat for him. And Edúv Syn also wanted to collaborate, so I’m glad they are part of it in the final.“

1. Зроби Менi Amen
2. 369% CPU
3. Battle Elephant
4. TmaTma (feat. Jurko)
5. Розклад Рун
6. Казала
7. Charta 161 (feat. Edúv Syn)
8. Make Noise

Text: Krištof Budke / Follow KILLA SELFIE on Instagram

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