Marmint Agency is the new Hungarian music agency emerging from the peripheral depths of SoundCloud to find new paths of representation. It was formed in Kecskemét, Hungary on the 1st of April, 2023 with the aim to collect as many local electronic outsider musicians (born around or after 2000) as possible.

The Hungarian scene is filled with amazing artists of younger generations but there are little to no platforms to provide a channel to express themselves while becoming more enthusiastic about their own creative ways. The Agency tries to represent a platform that doesn’t fit the artist into a certain vision (given by the platform itself) but attempts to encourage the creator to find appreciation in having their voice heard the way they would envision it,“ writes the Marmint.

This kind of „boundless agenda“ may seem unheeding or you could even say „immature“. However, it’s not any sort of regression for the artist to have fun and still experiment with new ways of representation at the same time. Indeed it proves to be helpful and motivating. In this sense, Marmint might be something of a „playground“ that is open for everyone who’s willing to test out themselves on refreshing paths.

The EP dreamworld existence by Juice Mixer is an exquisite blend of Ambient and Breakcore material (topped with woeful vocals on one of the upcoming songs) and it is also a huge milestone for Marmint on the journey towards becoming a small netlabel. First, the Agents of Marmint found Willem’s music out of the blue during a sleepover. while downloading funny PNGs and digging in the dephts of SoundCloud. Soon after that, he contacted Marmint with the idea of releasing the project and it was settled in a wink.

The cover art was made by a great friend of the Agency, Julia Launay, an amazing multimedia artist from Lyon, France. The whole project will be released on the 30th of September.

juice mixer photo

Juice Mixer

Juice Mixer, aka Willem Rómeó Papp, is a young electronic musician active in the breakcore and dubstep scenes.

„The name Juice Mixer is not an overly thought-out name, it was practically born based on a silly idea: it was the first product i saw on AliExpress. This music project was born in 2019, when I started making music more actively in Fruity Loops Studio, in Drum and Bass. Then I switched to Dubstep, which I’m still a big fan of because of its diversity and freedom. The first Breakcore track and mini-album started out as just a detour, but after a while, I found myself in this and its related genres. By that time I’m doing and listening to all of these genres with equal pleasure. My main inspirations these days are igorrr, sewerslvt, and to mention hungarian artists like előd and asvanyviz2. My motivation in relation to this project was to practice, so after the album I can always and always put better quality music on the table.“ – Juice Mixer

You can follow Juice Mixer on SoundCloud and Instagram. Marmint Agency is on SoundCloud and Instagram as well.

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