„Soul Cooking“ is the debut EP by Martini, moniker of American multimedia artist Marnie Pagter. Built-in parallel to their visual works, the release was inspired by a wide conglomeration of disparate sources and genres, which were channelled together as a cleansing exercise. The project will be out via Berlin-based label Rest Now!

Their fervent production engulfs the viewer with an arcane sound palette that alludes to a story of introspection. A sense of paradoxical juxtaposition lies at the base of the EP, which guides the viewer through a tumultuous journey of beauty and discomfort. The whole release is marked by haunting vocals which are paired together with grating percussion to create a cacophonical mixture of emotions.

‘Soul Cooking’ ‘s first track, ‘Baby’s Breath’, contributes to the creation of a syncopated and eerie atmosphere. ‘Candelabra’ enhances this surrounding by creating a dystopic soundscape formed by the recurring sonic elements that compose the entire EP. The third track, ‘Ritual Shedding’, opens with a contemplative intro, where solemn chants are intertwined with more punchy vocal incursions, the whole floating on a floor of perpetual basses.

The EP concludes with a remix by HiedraH Club de Baile resident Aggromance, in which the trademarks of the Argentinian producer come up to their maximum potential fusing the previous tracks ‘Baby’s Breath’ and ‘Ritual Shedding’.

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