We got to know Muakk through our SoundCloud profile. We are always curious to discover new exciting labels, collectives and artists from all over the world. Now, Muakk – a Colombian music collective is releasing their first Various Artists compilation Besitos Bailabes (Dancable Kisses). It contains music from over 20+ artists across Latin America.

Muakk brings a new exploration of Latin sounds to the internet. Oscillating between 140 and 180 besitos per minute ? (BPM) comes Muakk Besitos Bailables – a Latin-Core bomb loaded with speed perreo, hardcore, guaracha, tuki, trance and club. Besitos Bailables is born from our aggressive yet tender streets; the sonic transgression and the disruption of trends essential to our youth energy from the last couple of years.

From LAT-AM to the world, the universe, and the metaverse. Sóbelo with love, Muakk. Pre-order Besitos Bailabes compilation via >> Bandcamp ❌? Aleroj, CRRDR, 2AT, Nacidmiento ❌?

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