ANARKXBELLAKX Vol. 2 is the second part of a collaborative V/A project that was born 2 years ago, with the release of ANARKXBELLAKX Vol. 1. The compilation by Argentinian label Santa Sede featured new and well-established artists within the Latin American electronic scene such as Lou Kessler, Rasenk, Sandunga, PVSSY, PATIBULL (ex Teenangel), Nafftero, Malo2k, Rivers Z and many more.

The project was originally born from a graffiti made in the city of Quilmes, Buenos Aires, Argentina, that served as a call to unite artists worldwide under the premise of creating a sound palette of different styles from the underground electronic genre tackling on its Latin American roots and sensibilities.

Two years later, ANARKXBELLAKX Vol. 2 returns with a brand new tracklist filled with exciting new and accomplished artists such as Chico Sonido, Bigote, JOAO LAGRIMA DE OURO, WRACK, CANDIE, Dj Fucci, Brenda, CRRDR, Sapphir22 to name same of them.

We are now presenting the first single from the compilation, a club banger by mashup queen, Brazilian DJ and producer Clementaum!

Curated from the concept of hybridization from classic to experimental aesthetics, the tracklist of ANARKXBELLAKX Vol. 2 begins as an ode to 90s reggaeton and then evolves slowly towards uncertain, updated, dissonant places. It is designed as a journey, a transition that has a sort of interval in the middle and then a restart towards the heavier tracks, to finally end on a sentimental, reflective and mysterious note.


As with the first compilation, the tracklist marks the BPM of each song as a means to be a dancefloor set that goes through different tempos, tones and feelings while always keeping some kind of intensity, maintaining its overall essence true and intact.

While Vol. 1 had a handmade graffiti, this time we intended to focus on a modern, digital aesthetic, somehow looking for an evolution, a new “fusion” without losing the essential elements of the graffiti and the concept of the album.

November 24, 2023 / Pre-order on Santa Sede’s Bandcamp


2. Erótica Castro – Brinca con você [128 bpm]
3. Vamp Anthem (Chico Sonido Flip) [82 bpm]
4. Clementaum – L4 VID4 LOK4 [140 bpm]
5. WRACK – Okra [130 bpm]
6. Beta Canseco – Híper Fiesta [150 bpm]
7. CANDIE – beeeep [140 bpm]
8. DJ Fucci – Cachivache [150 bpm]
9. Brenda – Drums Adelaide [140 bpm]
10. MARCOS – M.A x M.A [140 bpm]
11. SÁTIRA – BOCCANEGRA [148 bpm]
12. Zerena Morena – Xajhá [100 bpm]
13. Ignacio La Conga – Damasco [115 bpm]
14. Fourtwenty Sound – Hey Gyal [85 bpm]
15. Remisería Temperley – El Metejón [166 bpm]
16. JM Croce – A/B [125 bpm]
17. VENVSDAD – LATINCORE (feat. PERDID) [160 bpm]
18. JOÃO LAGRIMA DE OURO – Canela de Ema [120 bpm]
19. Sapphir22 – Coskilluelas [143 bpm]
20. Bigote – Vapu [135 bpm]
21. Jaijiu – tuki tuki (feat. Nafftero) [145 bpm]
22. CRRDR – Ceguera [165 bpm]
23. Tobey – Distancia parcial [140 bpm]

Mastering by JM Croce
Artwork by Mateo Outon

Additional credits:
Mastering “Damasco” by Sky Parnes (aka. Medix Cielx)
Mastering “tuki tuki” by Jaijiu
Mixing “M.A x M.A” / “LATINCORE” by Beta Canseco
Mixing “Distancia parcial” by Mlee

You can follow Santa Sede on Instagram / Clementaum on Instagram and SoundCloud

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