We are presenting the single from an upcoming project by São Paulo-based artist Yvu. Yvu (aka Yan Higa) work and soundscapes, as much as their DJ sets, converge genre-defying compositions, intriguing sound design, rhythmic complexity, and sinuous narratives. Yan is the founder and art director of the collective & record label Acta. On this song, the Brazilian artist collaborated with American hyperpop, experimental artist Galen Tipton.

„Coágulo“ is a journey through electronic music as if it was bred and grown from the dirt in the wild lands of South America. In this album, Yvu designs intriguing and sometimes disturbing sounds, using samples from Brazilian Baile Funk to field ambiance and foley recordings, with rhythms often influenced by Organic World Music and Neo-Concrete Music. The new EP is a more subtle and experimental, narrative-based continuation of their project Dissolute I.

„On the way to the beach, the sultriness melted the buildings in front of our retinas. Distortion of metal, glass, and concrete, naturally generated. Once we reached the coast, the impact of the wind required us to make an extra human effort to walk. The tide had risen excessively the night before, infesting the strip of sand with garbage and a type of dark-colored algae known as Hijiki. We were talking about the influence of the Earth’s rotation upon the movement of the tides. We think that the rising and falling of salt water works more as a metaphor than in a vectorial sense linked to the flooding. On one hand, there is the relationship between the movement of the Earth and the waters.“

„On the other, the dynamic dance of the moons, the suns, and the other planets. All of this matters. Along the sandy zone, black algae merged with human waste. The viscous appearance of a piece of black plastic had mixed with one of the photosynthetic organisms, forming what looked like the most beautiful mutant creature we’d ever seen. After successive heatwaves, these types of beings became more and more common. Plastic plant polymers attached themselves to dead sea creatures, forming the monsters of our time. The creature remained motionless except when it interacted with the salt water, which tried to drag it into the infinite dark sea. Its tentacles clung to the ground like roots. It looked like the lung of a whale, the heart of a machine, a piece of everything.“ – GUILHERME FERREIRA

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