„We are Sacrilejio Records from Lima, Peru. SR is a Peruvian label and collective focus on exploring Latinx and Global Club Music. Our development is based around reshaping and deconstructing club music, non-conventional electronic music and society.“

Sacrilejio Records on the 8th of October introduced its debut Expiation – the 14-track project. Various artists deconstruct here traditional Latinx music combining with various electronic sounds and tools.

„Expiation, which was inspired by mystical thinking and popular devotional culture from founders and Sacrilejio members, shows an original act of extinguishing mortal sins and danger vibes in our souls through music, like tools or objects that can discipline our encrypted and non-purified lives. Connecting our broken relationships with our spirits is gonna be the solution to obtain forgiveness.“

Zdroj: Sacrilejio Records Press Release / Cover Art: Asdrúbal Gómez / Mastering: Zurvolt

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