Drowned by Locals is an Amman (Jordan) based label that focuses on a wide array of musical genres. Lo-fi trap, obscure otherworldly electronic music, ambient, noise, glitch soundscapes, and everything in between. We recommend scrolling through their SoundCloud page and supporting their music via Bandcamp. We have published one premiere with the label before. It was with firstlin3 and you can 🡺 check it out here.

You can listen to the SoundCloud playlist curated by Drowned By Locals below 🡺

The Amman-based label announced a thrilling release „BUNYI BUNYI TUMBAL“ by an artist called HULUBALANG. Under the mysterious name, we can find the one half of the Gabber Modus Operandi duo – Kasimyn. Innovative producer, that was featured on Björk’s album Fossora (2022). In Kasimyn’s own words, BUNYI BUNYI TUMBAL translates to „Synthetic Feeling for Anonymous Sacrifice“; the mixed and inexplicable emotions aroused from browsing the Indonesian war archives from various sources for years, which marked the commencement of the project HULUBALANG.

After joining Björk on her tour in Japan, Kasimyn is announcing his solo album on Drowned by Locals and we just hope he will tour under his new artistic project in Europe as well.

Drowned By Locals‘ Bandcamp Page

The second newly released project is an ambitious record WELD by a producer called Kinlaw. The Bristol-based producer invited MCs and vocalists (our readers might be familiar with the names like Elvin Brandhi or Ecko Bazz) across the world on this crazy 17-track mixture of blasting underground club sounds, ambient and noise raw textures, raps, and vocal experiments all glued into one misty dark atmosphere. This release is a perfect showcase of the Drowned By Locals style. If you like Death Grips, Lutto Lento, Slikback, Nazar, Broshuda, Space Afrika, bod [包家巷] and experimental music, we’re recommending these projects.

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Text: Krištof Budke

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