We are premiering the animated video clip „Thought There Would Be More“ by Alto Aria. This song is a taste of what to expect when Alto Aria releases their new album Limerence (pre-order via Bandcamp). The track combines the soft and the hard – almost whispering for more with sentences:

You give me cold when you can give me the heat / You give me half when you can fulfil my needs

It becomes clear from the beginning that the track is about seeing yourself in a relationship where the other is emotionally unavailable, but you have gotten used to it. The song then becomes a way out – a wish for more. The track is driven forward by a layered hum, Alto Aria dubbing themselves infinitely. In the middle of the track cold beats and whips lash out and break the tension, an outburst of energy to move on from the limerence. The lyrics are repeated, creating a mantra on how to move on – to know what you deserve.


Limerence is an album dedicated to the brokenhearted – for those whose love is unrequited, who have experienced not having mirrored hearts. The expressions of the songs are manifold, insisting on the variety of emotions that arise when your heart aches. Alto Aria about the album: “I wanted to create an album for the broken-hearted. It has been my most collaborative album so far – inviting my friends into my work and letting them give their take on how it feels to have a broken heart. Together it has become an album on how to heal together. How you might have a broken heart but at the same time do not see yourself as broken.”

Sonically, the album deals with softness and hardness. It weaves the two together to create tension and release. Throughout the album whispering voices, field recordings, strings, and hard cold beats create the foundation for different feelings to unfold.

Alto Aria is the name of Aria Leth Schütze’s solo project. With the album, they investigate relations between acoustic and electronic sounds and focus on transformation and transition as a starting point in their music. Their debut album Tides, which was released through Rhizome, focuses on tides and becoming a body of water. Aria later released the experimental piece For Marta which is about friendship and circularity, and the album Shapes which focuses on dreams and a dream diary. They have also released the albums Sowing Worlds, Ties, and lately Touch.

Alto Aria photographed by Amanda Bødker

„The video works with contrasts through light and darkness, lonesomeness and collectiveness, static against movement – the journey through a breakup can be polarising in emotions and in the understanding of one self, which I wanted to reflect in a way that didn’t become to figurative. I wanted to explore the idea of finding yourself through others in hard times. Because through community and support, I believe we can grow separately while growing stronger together,“ says Signe Dige – Danish visual artist & 3D animator.

Rhizome is a Copenhagen-based record label startet in 2020 by Aria Leth Schütze and Mads Krue Bugge. The label’s primary focus is on experimental, electronic music and alternative release formats. Rhizome has released music by artists such as Alto Aria, Skarv, ioulus, Swell, Polly, Nemo, Laenz, Ida Urd and ill as well as the compilation albums bag/belly/box and Hypersea. Until now Rhizome has presented music and artists in Copenhagen at places such as Øen, Alice, Mayhem and Christianshavns Beboerhus and in Berlin at places such as Fitzroy.

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