French global bass and club music label Couvre x Chefs presents their new release. EP titled Cross Rhythm is the work of Parisian producer and DJ anyoneID. After solo releases from Scarlett and BJF – and two compilations – this EP marks the label’s first publication produced by a producer outside the collective. Cross Rhythm consists of two tracks, “Gobelet Drum” and “Glass Perc”, remixed by CxC members Næja and Tim Karbon respectively.

You can now listen to the exclusive Swine Premiere the club banger „Glass Perc“.

Despite their anything but obvious affiliations, the tracks that make up Cross Rhythm show the Parisian producer and DJ’s ability to draw on his rich background as a producer, abstract his influences and convert them into unstoppable missiles ready to pulverize any dancefloor. Playing between darbouka tinged with Hard Drum, reinvented Afro House, technoid Trance, epic percussion and oppressive melodies, anyoneID delivers here two hybrid dancefloor bombs, without concessions and brutally unclassifiable.

„In music, a cross-rhythm is a specific form of polyrhythm. It refers to a situation where the rhythmic conflict found in polyrhythms is the basis of an entire musical piece,“ explains anyoneID.

You can pre-order the project on Couvre x Chefs Bandcamp. The EP will be out on November 10th.

1. Gobelet Drum
2. Glass Perc
3. Gobelet Drum (Næja Remix)
4. Glass Perc (Tim Karbon Remix)

✤ Mastering: Imaabs / Modos Estudio
✤ Artwork: Killian Loddo

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