“Exstasis: Restored” is a reimagining of Azrel’s 2023 album, featuring remixes from genre-defining artists such as ‘Quit Life’ and ‘Sun Angels’, along with 2 new original songs to act as bookends. This new project recontextualizes the ideas of the original album through a cohesive and wide-ranging set of productions; moving from pure ambience to euphoric ecstasy as each artist breathes their own new life into the vapours of their respective tracks.

Azrel is an ambient/trance producer based in Tokyo. His debut album ‘’Exstasis’’ re-leased in 2023 on Mizuha, exploring the deconstruction of the typically dance-heavy soundscapes of trance music; reforming them in a more experimental context – pairing trance plucks and arpeggios with acoustic elements and delicate ambient pads. ‘’Exstasis’’ acted as a foundation for Azrel’s experimental style focusing upon a fantasy-like, naturalistic feel. His signature style tends to adopt a playful and meditative grace, yet occasionally exploring a more melancholic catharsis in places to add to the narrative feel of his projects.

∎ Artist: Azrel
∎ Master: Lorenzi
∎ Artwork: Kazuma Watanabe

❖ You can follow Azrel on Instagram and SoundCloud. You can follow Mizuha 罔象 here. ❖




01. Distil
02. Radiance (Quit Life Remix)
03. Cordyceps (TCV Remix)
04. Dryad (Parasol Remix)
05. Radiance (Lorenzi Remix)
06. Frozen Filter (Sun Angels Remix)
07. Black Luster (Takemasa Remix)
08. Sheath-Winged feat. renko (s7n Remix)
09. Shishigami (Soichi 芳芽 Remix)
10. Mōryō feat. Yoyou (Ichiro Tanimoto Kenja Rebuild)
11. Solar Sail

Text: Jan Sekanina / Source: Mizuha 罔象

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