Brenda (Manuel Puerta) is a producer and 3D graphic designer from Bogotá, Colombia. He reached out to us and we immediately fell in love with his music. His main music project (called Mav Nuhels) is focused on electronic music and vaporwave style. We love his reggaeton/dembow club edits, which are more „club-ready“. We recommend the Brendita Tools V.2 or a short EP called <<33 Sweet Coqueteo <<33.

Now he presents a new EP called BRND Goteo that both references the percussion-heavy sounds of Latin Club Music and the melodic choruses of Trance anthems. The samples that he uses are being placed as the main character, and given their pop and reggaeton origin. Goteo ends up presenting flirty, fun, dark, and complex club tracks. The complexity mentioned comes from the ongoing interest that Brenda has in electronic music.

From the classic to the modern: trance, techno, guaracha and speed dembow achieve cohesion, delivered in six banging tracks, essential for the deconstructed club heads of the world.

When did you start making edits and songs? Where and how do you study and learn music production?

I started the project of „Brenda“ 5 months ago, but my journey through music production started 5 years ago with my main project „Mav Nuhels“ where I focus on sounds more aimed at the Vaporwave and the IDM. All my learning has been empirical.

You have a very distinguished style, it’s like a clean mixture of various LatAm music styles with a modern fresh club signature. What are the things you like in music, what producers, and what styles do you like?

I especially like it when the music has texture when you can feel an amalgam of sound layers that make it enveloping. I am always exploring new styles but I could say right now that I am very interested in Trance, and in what is being done with this genre today because it offers many melodic possibilities. But if we talk about music in general, I really like producers like Oneothrix Point Never, De Juepuchas, Avalanches, Two Shell or Aphex Twin.


What would your ideal creative workspace look like? What do you need to feel free and to create/play music?

I think my ideal space exists on the Internet because that’s where the physical limitation of distance is not a problem for building a community. Seals and collectives that mix all kinds of sounds of the world. Actually to create music I only need what I already have: a computer and the company of my cat.

And finally how is the contemporary arts/music scene for you in Bogota? Can you tell us a little about how you feel there as an artist?

In Bogotá it has been strange, the techno move here is impressive, one would say it is an international focus for electronic music, but for the new sound of the Latin club, it has been difficult, since there is a lot of resistance to that sounds different. It has been difficult to move here, it should not be so but I have even received more invitations outside my city than right here. However, I think it is a matter of keeping working for it, and labels like Muakk, Putivuelta, and Neotrópica are doing the job very well.


You can follow Brenda on Instagram and SoundCloud

Text: Krištof Budke

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