MR002 sent in direct from Brno captures a distinct sub-scape of sounds within the contemporary electronic music scene. With elements of Dub, Bass, and Latin rhythms, COUNT’s sophomore EP showcases a versatile and refined style both in idea and application. Brno’s newest emergence has already had a hand in much that the scene has to offer – between being a resident/booker at filtr and a regular host on Infame Radio, Count is a well known name on the local scene.

Spanning over a wide BPM range, the EP features three original tracks and two remixes. The aptly named opener WORK is an enigmatic drum puzzler highlighted by a Missy Elliot sample. The track also comes as break-y dance floor heater when remixed by a Brazilian, Berlin based producer and DJ, alys(alys)alys. SPLIT is a slower stepping track which revolves around a wobbly base that is sure to shake up even the most menacing sound systems. Stocked with its fair share of change ups, the track also gets tuned to run quick in a remix by Australian producer Lithe. The remix features a rendition of the track reminiscent of a calmer time, although still with its full share of sub attacks. The EP closes with the more introverted rhythm of STICK N POKE. This final track finds its niche within the opening or closing of a set when atmosphere is premium.

You can follow COUNT on Instagram and SoundCloud. You can follow Markham Road Records here.

Photo Credits + Cover Art Credits: @westdaledan

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Text: Viktor Jenčuš / Source: Markham Road Records

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