Gaspard Emma Hers (they/them) aka DJ Würm is a young pluridisciplinary artist from Brussels. Their work explores the dissociative state between multiple collapsing realities and multiple identities. Using various aliases and media, combining irony and the grotesque, their work, like a diary, draws on popular references tinged with magic. They are taking great inspiration from chamber black metal, swampy rave sounds, and crappy horror movies.

Stream the „Driving Circle“ track right now and pre-order the EP on Bandcamp


Frogs of Confusedness is their debut cassette for Athens, Georgia label Primordial Void, home to fellow Brussels artists Oï les Ox, Roxane Métayer, and Ubaldo. I asked the label owner Marcel Sletten how he discovered the Brussel-based artist.

„I came across their visual work via Instagram one day, and subsequently found their SoundCloud. I loved the music and art equally. I’ve never been to Brussels – and I have yet to meet Gaspard IRL – but I have worked with quite a few artists from there over the internet, such as Oï les Ox, Roxane Métayer, and Ubaldo.

I felt like Gaspard’s visual work was this very mythical, neopagan thing, almost like a cross between the styles of White Goblin and Finn Hansen, two artists who I worked with previously. Gaspard’s music strongly reflected this aesthetic within the context of club music. Since my goal with Primordial Void is to explore the intersection between music and visual art, I felt like Gaspard would be a perfect fit. 

I love working with interdisciplinary artists, and Gaspard is no different. Truly a gem among the plethora of contemporary „experimental club“ producers. I’m extremely happy to have made this long-distance connection, and I look forward to everybody hearing this release.“

Track Listing:

1. Frogs of Confusedness Pt. 1
2. Swarm
3. Morbid Street
4. Frogs of Confusedness Pt. 2
5. Wyverne
6. Driving Circle
7. Frogs of Confusedness Pt. 3

Primordial Void is a label founded in 2018 by Marcel Sletten. It is dedicated to publishing digital, physical, and metaphysical editions of music and visual art.

The imprint has commissioned and released works by Stewart Bird (as Sentient Gyre), Tom Bubul, Castlegate, Cucina Povera, Dividers, emamouse, Embassy, Gobby, Finn Hansen, Twig Harper, hunterc44t & Finlay Clark, Kazumichi Komatsu, Kool Music, Susu Laroche, Little Wings, Lockbox, LXV, Michael McGregor (as M/M), Roxane Métayer, Kentaro Minoura, Olan Monk, MūT, Oï les Ox, oxhy, Shabbat, shiwashiwa, Marcel Sletten, Newell Walther, waterhouse, White Goblin, Jeff Witscher, yolichika.

To purchase digital editions of Primordial Void releases, visit their Bandcamp page. You can follow their work on Instagram as well.

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