Healer is the name of the newest compilation album by a Hungarian electronic label EXILES, as the first part of an upcoming series of compilation albums exploring various themes. The first instalation in the series which focuses on young, queer and cute upcoming names is scheduled to release on the 21. June and features 14 tracks by new names and fresh faces of the Hungarian electronic music scene. You can listen to the track „malformed header by [HEATDEATH1992] in our exclusive premiere by Swine Daily.

[HEATDEATH1992] is a UK born artist based in Hungary, whose shapeshifting style weaves elements of 140, jungle and techno, taking influences from the paranoia of living in the modern age. His first release came in 2018 with London-based collective Synes, appearing on their Patch 1 VA. Further on, he continued releasing music with them, dropping an EP in 2019 and more recently, he has been working with Budapest-based underground electronic label 111records. When asked about the track, [HEATDEATH1992] said:

In general I wanted to try out unfamiliar techniques of sound design using Max/MSP, and the track initially served as a project for prototyping these, which then gradually evolved into the work it is now!




You can follow [HEATDEATH1992] on Instagram and SoundCloud. You can follow EXILES here.




01. Kin Teal – heliocentric
02. sudden//death – angel3 (deep dream edit)
03. AUX – the unknown
05. előd – ábrándvilág
06. [HEATDEATH1992] – malformed header
07. SUTA – skittergate sacrifice
08. asvanyviz2 – post-world tour
09. yibai – abrupt clenching tightness
10. macskalany – eeee1021 (feat. szkyf, INGATLAN)
12. INGATLAN – rz_fsv
13. kukorica – how I found my peace today
14. pyylen – holy ground

Text: Jan Sekanina / Source: EXILES

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