„Welcome to our fairy garden ✿✿ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ✿✿,“ is how French label Hyperlink greets their fans on Bandcamp. And it is the perfect description of their eclectic abstract electronic music taste. After 6 EPs and compilations, this is their seventh release.

Their latest compilation called link003 marks the final chapter of Hyperlink mini digital series. It features seven tracks (including a bonus), each one crafted with care and creativity by a talented group of 12 independent artists. From sweet and reinventing pop edit to original creations that tell charming stories, this compilation is a true celebration of what the label wants to present.

From start to finish, this release is a fantasy journey through sounds and emotions, with each track pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo. Once again, Hyperlink is proud to feature some of the most talented producers from around the globe. All of whom share a passion for innovation and creativity. Pre-order the link003 compilation via ▶ Bandcamp.

We asked brazilian producers OWLT and e6c41 how they met and how their collaborative track „Where Have You Been“ was created.

OWLT: „My name is OWLT, I met e6c41 in 2021 at an event that I organized in Curitiba with 77silverline. We invited Mafius (e6c41) to play, and that’s how we got to know each other. He used to come to Curitiba often but it wasn’t until he came to spend some more time that we had the chance to collaborate in my home studio. During our second meeting, Mafius and I immediately recognized the potential of the track we were working on. We incorporated an acapella of Rihanna’s “Where Have You Been” slowed down and transformed it into an ambient trance piece that we’re both incredibly proud of. It ended up being featured in Hyperlink’s link003, and I’m very grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this album compiled by Fanny. I really admire Mafius’ taste in sound choices and the way we work together.“

OWLT and e6c41

e6c41 (on the left) and OWLT (on the right)

e6c41:I met OWLT in São Paulo at a party but we didn’t talk much because we’re both very shy. Then, a few weeks after that, I went to Curitiba to play at a party that his collective was promoting. We got to talk a bit more and I’ve listened to some demos of him since I noticed the sensitive and delicate approach in his music. I’m not the greatest collaborator in the world. I’m very perfectionist a bit limited in some areas and very careful about the energy I’m putting into my songs and this doesn’t always resonate with every one I try to collab.“

„But with OWLT this worked very well. I visited his studio a couple of times and he helped me mix some stuff and in between that, we produced some tracks together. Some went straight to the trash and some we chiselled… This track that is being premiered is one of the results of this process. I think we have a very similar vision of where we wanna reach with what we’re doing. In Brazil, we know that not everybody would understand that vision and it’s okay, we will continue to do it no matter what 🙂.“

Swine Daily P.S.: We also recommend the beautiful dreamy track „virulence“ by e6c41 and OWLT.

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link003 releases April 18, 2023
a&r ✤ @fannuze
artwork ✤ @lukasopp

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