WARE is one of our favorite experimental music labels. For us, it represents one of the most innovative and forward-thinking club music on SoundCloud. We tried to connect with the label in the past but were somehow unsuccessful. Now it has changed. With the new EP by WARE’s founder Klahrk on another brilliant British label All Centre, we give you an interview with the label boss, talented producer and DJ. On the Z2 EP, the London-based artist delivers four atmospheric slow-fast club cuts, exploring the lowest depths of the sonic frequency spectrum.

Swine Daily ✤ From the first music projects of WARE, 5-6 years ago, I was totally amazed by the sound and overall creativity of the tracks. A cyber-explosive tornado. How did the WARE collective start, and what was its initial idea?

Klahrk: Thanks for the kind words! WARE was conceptualised by myself and Ed Waller as a platform to share work from like-minded individuals, particularly from a group of artists within our SoundCloud orbit as it were who we all enjoyed the work of, who didn’t have a platform to call home, so we attempted to support them be it through releases, mixes and events.


✤ How do you keep an eye on the contemporary music scene?

I forever will be a massive SoundCloud searcher. I spend a lot of time on that platform as I still find it the best place to find new artists and new releases. Over the years I’ve started to drift off social media to find new stuff and actually rely a bit more on newsletters, which I’ve really enjoyed of late.

✤ Can you tell us more about this new EP Z2 [ACEN059], which will be out on All Centre? Does it tell some specific story? What was the inspiration behind it?

Z2 was a project that came together very quickly a year or two ago, I was making lots of music around 140bpm and faster at the time and was attending nights that had lots of fast music playing and I fancied changing it up a bit, and attempting making some slower tracks which had the same attention to the rhythm that I always like to focus on when producing. At the time I was listening to a lot of old Nervous Horizon releases as well as older tracks from Tzusing and M.E.S.H., all of which felt weighty to my ears, so I wanted to explore that.

✤ Is the live playing of your music important to you? Do you enjoy playing live/DJ sets? Do you think about the club sound system, when producing tracks?

Definitely! I think it’s become more important the longer I’ve been making music. I work in a club and have done so on and off for the past 6/7 years and always check my tracks on the system to make sure they sound all right, it’s definitely a privilege to have that as an option. I love playing both DJ and live sets although not through particular preference i’ve been doing more live sets lately which I’ve had fun doing as I feel I have a body of work that I’m happy performing live.

✤ In the press text, your music is described as „exploring the lowest depths of the frequency spectrum“. Can you tell us more about this topic? Is the sound itself something you think about a lot while producing music?

I just love low end, as I said, from working in a club I spend a lot of time listening to tracks on a system and always appreciate a good low end, definitely something I try to explore in my music.

– – –

Text: Krištof Budke / You can follow All Centre here or Klahrk here

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