“If we blackened out the sky we can turn it to light
I wanna find you in the rhythm
I wanna gift you the night
I’m trynna pull up on your fears and disappear them from sight

… we come alive in the basement, we come alive…”

❚ written and spoken by Moonflower (Vernon Jordan III) ❚

After releasing an EP called Angeltribe on London label TT in 2020, and a 2-song project Vorphic Skin on Toothgrinder Press in 2023, Kat Nzingha’s debut album Grind will be released on AngeltribeXTL on May 12th. Based in Philadelphia, Kat Nzingha is a multidisciplinary artist that explores experimentations with abstruse textures. By combining their innovative sculptural works with heavy low-end frequencies and celebratory tones they create blissfully cryptic sonic materials that are the extended bodies of modified objects of which they consistently fabricate.

Kat Nzingha’s music and visual art have been on our radar since the first EP in 2020. Their music is not just an interesting mixture of heavy ambient, industrial, and dark electronic music that sounds like an alien from a different world. Their music is telling a fascinating and intense abstract story, as we look at Kat’s sculptures and visual art, we are immediately drowned in their world. There is no escape. We are very happy that we can present you the single „Solitude Shadow“ from the upcoming album Grind and we strongly recommend their visual art as well.

„Grind“ conjures the spirit of the sculptural entity that is physically attached to Nzingha’s body as seen on the album art. The sculpted spirit is manifested through the sonic form of convulsing kicks, metallic percussion, and hyper-processed textures.

Kat Nzingha - Grind cover art

Kat Nzingha – Grind cover art

A personal message from the artist: „It’s finally time to release „Grind“ after sitting on the album for two years. The end of 2020 was when I started to build this project while at the same time going through one of the worst times of my life. I became hesitant to release Grind because of how much my sound/music making has changed and progressed from the time of creating it, and the inconsistency of its plan of how it would be initially released. I want to share this album with you all <3″

1. Fatality
2. Kat Nzingha x Skyshaker – & Eternal Violence
3. Kut
4. Thiox
5. Solitude Shadow
6. Kat Nzingha x Tati au Miel – Desperate Body

Label: AngeltribeXTL (SoundCloud) ▶ Pre-order via Bandcamp here
Album Cover Photography: Dante
Sculptural Entity: Kat Nzingha
Mixed: Kat Nzingha
Mastered: Skyshaker

◣ You can follow Kat Nzingha on Instagram, SoundCloud or Bandcamp / Cover photo by: Roxanne Drip

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