MOSHTRQ started with a monthly series of live events at the Cairo Jazz Club in Egypt. Among the artists who performed were ShahKarim SerryAmin and visuals was done by Zeyna (you can find some videos on their Instagram).

MANIFESTO: „We draw upon the dusty, unchecked industrial landscape of Cairo; its seemingly unending noise and cacophony. The rampant hypercapitalism that grips our country’s artistic and cultural institutions. A corrugated, DIY attitude that aims to reduce reliance on existing establishments and power structures by, quite simply, doing our own thing. Understanding that what we do is – inherently, and by design – niche, and continuing to press forwards. A desire to build a community in our home country, bunkering down to make the best of our circumstances rather than escape abroad and contribute to the artistic “brain-drain” that plagues Egypt.“

MOSHTRQ VA01: Stepping away from the realms of live performance, MOSHTRQ, a Cairo-based audio-visual label announces their first musical work as a collective, drawn from an extensive unreleased catalog, and bringing together crew, friends, and collaborators.

Through an exploration largely centered around visions and high tempos, glimpses of left-field magnetism appear through Postdrone’s warped breakbeats and strained vocal chops. Yaseen and Dakn reunite for tempo-shifting hybrid bass, following up Ashrar’s rattling granulated futurism and intricate sound design. Assyouti’s signature rhythmic hyper-club alongside Galala’s punches of ominous jungle techno sit within haunting moments of respite by way of ambient contributions by Ambi and Belahadaf, through subterranean worlds of twisted synthesis and militaristic sampling.

MOSHTRQ VA01 is bookended by two collaborative works of Timo 1_2*, whose efforts and influence extend far beyond the bounds of this project. *with an appearance by Lil Abad.

Ashrar about the track:

„My track „Impolite“ was made in the confines of my headphones in a late-night session. I feel the most comfortable when I know there is no outside interference around me. Headphones give me the feeling of solitude, which allows me to work in peace. It was my take on jungle at the time it was made, which was about a year or so ago. I usually utilize a lot of resampling when making music, and this track’s process included more synthesizer exploration in an attempt to attain a grittier atmosphere backed by some feedback loops from different elements in the track.“

Ashrar. Foto by Omar Kafrawy @k_frawy


⬤  You can follow Ashrar here / MOSHTRQ on Instagram or Bandcamp / Cover photo by Omar Kafrawy


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