A few weeks ago I received a very kind and personal e-mail from Manal, co-founder of a „small bass-rooted DIY label in Morocco, called raghoul,“ as they wrote themself. I was excited, because, just from the cover art and a quick look at their Bandcamp page, I knew it is special right away. Their short description is on point >> „non-hierarchal multi-disciplinary label exploring bass-rooted cultures.

Raghoul collaborates with a lot of different artists and creates unique pieces of art (such as their first EP Cycles Of Spleen by P3RY), where 3D animation, visual art, and music collide. On their debut project, the label has teamed the young music producer with independent 3D visual artist MISFIT VIRTUAL. The goal was to create the universe of his sound.

By facilitating collaborations between visual and sound artists, raghoul emphasizes the importance of co-creation and prioritizes a process-focused multi-disciplinary way of working.

Now, the label is making a big move with the first various artists‘ compilation. The 9-track EP is called Crocodile Tears in a Reptilian World, which perfectly describes the raw-alien-fantasy mood of the project. Between artists: 3xOJ, Archidi, BLKM3TA, Ishtar, Kemperton, Makossiri, Noise Diva, OTAT and Qetsy we chose the track „Ajarah“ by one of our favorite producers WULFFLUW XCIV. On Thursday (9th of March), raghoul hosted a live event in the great Garage Noord (a cultural space, that transformed an old car repair shop into a restaurant and nightclub) in Amsterdam.

The song’s energy is very intense and real. WULFFLUW XCIV recorded the „Ajarah“ in the first weeks of his forced migration. The track was produced in a region called Adjara in Georgia. He was living „deep in the mountain villages, surrounded by innocent nature, where jackals howled at night“, he tells us. When listening to this track from raghoul compilation, try imagining these harsh events and conditions of WULFFLUW XCIV.


We also recommend the project HYPEREMIA by the artist, which is a tribute to the contemporary club scene. WULFFLUW experiments here with genres like dancehall, reggaeton, baile funk, gabber, d’n’b, breakcore, and various electronic beats.

[UPDATE] The compilation „Crocodile Tears in a Reptilian World“ is online, you can support raghoul and artists by purchasing it via Bandcamp.

▣ You can follow the work of WULFFLUW XCIV on Instagram / SoundCloud. Be sure to support raghoul via Bandcamp

Text: Krištof Budke / Cover art: MISFIT VIRTUAL

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