Matraca is a Peruvian global bass, club music curated by Lukrø. After numerous articles about the label, we’re now presenting the new project by Vitu Valera. Vitu, a Peruvian multi-instrumentalist and producer based in Barcelona, offers his first full-length album with Lima-founded label. Migrx is a contemporary interpretation of Afro-Peruvian music within club and electronic music. The album speaks musically about the struggle as a migrant.


Migrants. Immigrants in the new city. Emigrants from the old one. In search of a (better) future. We don’t identify with just one community. Comfort terrifies us, and migrating is our natural state as animals. We weren’t at ease when we arrived in the city of our dreams. In reality, that illusion constantly fades as we painfully long for our family, and our wild hope of improving our native country. Our future is prosperous, but we always feel something incoherent within us because, „in the midst of this joy, the nostalgia for the town where we left our heart torments us“¹. Our cities are not the world’s favorites, much less the most developed.

This LP is collaboratively at its fullest expression. There are a total of 9 artists involved from Latin America, the USA, Japan, and Europe. No one lives in the city where they were born. Everyone resides and lives in a city foreign to their native country. Each had to leave their home and create a new one in the current city.

The sounds of the LP mostly feature the use of a donkey’s jawbone and an Afro-Peruvian rhythmic pattern on the cajón. In some tracks, there is the use of karkabas, Moroccan percussion that resembles the Afro-Peruvian.


¹Lyrics part of the song: Luis Abanto Morales “El Provinciano”

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