With the 13th edition of Rewire moving ever closer, 37 new artists and projects have been added to the line-up, including an extensive programme of interdisciplinary works and several collaborations with local cultural organisations. The 2024 festival will be taking place between 4 and 7 April across 20 venues in The Hague. Alongside previously announced artists such as Annea Lockwood, Oneohtrix Point Never, Autechre, SUNN O))), Rewire is now publishing another extensive lists of artists that will perform.

In a world premiere, the incomparable singer, composer, and actor Keeley Forsyth will present her exceptional upcoming album The Hollow at Grote Kerk in an audiovisual performance, backed by a small ensemble. Loraine James presents a rare expanded A/V performance centered around her latest album Gentle Confrontation, alongside musician and drummer Fyn Dobson, with accompanying visuals by motion designer, director, and artist Alessandra Leone. The spiritual, poppy, club-infused “aetherave” sounds of Aïsha Devi find a fitting combination with the stirring scenography of artist Emmanuel Biard: they present Les Immortelles as a Dutch premiere at the festival. With new live A/V show Totally Recalled, beatsmith NAH promises a trippy, warped distillation of the confusion, disconnection, narcissism, and anxiety of modern life. Rounding out these newly announced audiovisual projects is Martin Messier’s 1 Drop 1000 Years. Performed twice on Friday, this bright, visually astounding, and moving performance of light and sound is both a celebration of water’s vitality and a warning about its precious nature in relation to climate change.

Danish composer and viola player Astrid Sonne will return to Rewire after making her debut in Netherlands five years ago, performing music from her new album Great Doubt – a beacon of dub-infused solemn-pop, where Sonne’s own voice takes the spotlight in an exciting new direction for her. The ghostly, blissful modular-synthesis soundscapes of acclaimed singer and producer Arushi Jain are unparalleled. She performs music from her forthcoming album on Leaving Records, Delight, inspired by Raga Bageshri, a type of raga that depicts the emotion of waiting for a reunion with one’s beloved. A hip hop luminary, active since the late nineties where he started out as a member of the acclaimed underground hip hop group Antipop Consortium, Beans comes to Rewire 2024. With nearly three decades of cutting-edge hip hop under his belt, his latest record ZWAARD is an experimental opus of sounds and bars, produced by Vladislav Delay. Voice artist, composer, performer, and interdisciplinary maker Stephanie Pan will perform The Art of Doing Nothing: a feminist manifesto, a collaboration with Ensemble Klang that celebrates intuitive choices and grounds itself in soft, “feminine” qualities like vulnerability and emotionality.

Transforming the organ of The Hague’s Lutherse Kerk into a large robotic musical instrument, Maxime Denuc presents both new music and compositions from his acclaimed album Nachthorn – which summons trance-like visions of club strobes through its rhythmic but beatless rave sensibilities. Raphael Rogiński’s works for solo guitar glimmer with improvisational current, bluesy grit, and masterful composition; his music is informed by an ongoing research practice that delves deep into the forgotten traditions of various Eastern European cultures. Drawing also from traditional folk roots is Gordan, featuring vocals by Serbian singer Svetlana Spajić. Their hypnotic and mesmerising music treats ancient folkloric knowledge and melodies from the Balkans as foundations upon which to conduct drone-driven, psychedelic, kraut-punk experiments. Step into the strange world of rhythmic battery, chaos-jazz, and overwhelming electronic magic that HHY & The Macumbas bring. They will be playing music from their anticipated new album, Bom Sangue Mau. Warm distortion, lo-fi echoes, and bittersweet melodies define the music of Sun Kit, the brand new project of musicians Jules Reidy and Andreas Dzialocha. Their forthcoming debut album All the Patterns Inside (2024) places a raw “rock-band” sound under an ethereal electronic veil. 

Devon Rexi’s new album Biya Ba Man cements the band as a true highlight of Amsterdam’s underground scene; their special brand of post-punky psych-funk features pitch-shifted vocals intertwining with distorted grooves, propelled by percussion and bass. Another beloved band of the Netherlands’ capital city is indie dance group comforter2, whose “Madchester” revival sounds burst with ecstatic grooves and melancholic melody. While comforter2 are a renowned “band for the club heads,” Rewire is excited to announce a beloved club act for the club heads in Crystallmess: the French-born Ivoirian and Guadeloupean’s uncompromising DJ sets promise an unpredictable array of genres and sounds, ranging from trap and techno to footwork, R&B, and Jersey club. Joining the line-up of DJs at the festival is Moroccan-born Brussels-based DJ ojoo, whose exciting, strange, and genre-defying sets are ram-packed with the dubby dancehall bass.

Taking a club sound and breaking it apart to see what’s inside is Carmen Jaci, whose debut Happy Child is full of buoyant, dancey, sparkling productions that jumble and move around one’s head colourfully like a Rubik’s Cube. Marvel in the similarly joyous, toy-box electronic sounds of ROLROLROL, the vibrant collaboration between producer and Brainfeeder Records regular Jameszoo and jazz and electronic musician Niels Broos.

Check out the complete Rewire’s extensive lineup, tickets, and more infromation here. See you in The Hague in April!


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