Festival FAMUFEST včera po víťazných projekciách skončil. Týždňová prehliadka študentských filmov pražskej FAMU bola po večeroch a nociach sprevádzaná kvalitným hudobným programom. Ten vyvrcholil piatkovou closing party, ktorá potvrdila, že téma INFERNO bola pre túto akciu naozaj príznačná. Temnota, veľa hmly a škola plná ľudí. Okrem českej hudobnej scény, ktorá sa predstavila na hlavnom stagei, ožil aj Klub FAMU a to hlavne vďaka prítomnosti poľského elektronického fokusu.

Underground rapová formácia SYNY predviedla svoje vlastné projekty – Robert Piernikowski a 1988, ktorí na dve hodiny zahalili celý priestor stiesneného klubu do temna, mystiky a hypnotizujúcej spirituality.

Nábeh na tento hlboký vnútorný zážitok odštartovala hudobná producentka a vizuálna umelkyňa z Varšavy We will fail. Pulzujúce skladby na pomedzí experimentálneho techna, IDM a noisu ukázali, že pôjde o trochu sofistikovanejší hudobný koncept, ako na klasických študentských parties býva zvykom.

S hudobníčkou We will fail máme aj rozhovor. Tak si ho prečítajte a tešte sa na ďaľší FAMUFEST, „už“ o rok.

We will fail_ credit Olga Ozieranska

You are making electronic music, which is really wide sphere. How would you characterize your music? What is specific about it?

It’s really hard question for me to speak and describe my music. I would say its experimental, rhythmical and layered. Intentionally its abstractive narrative music but the effect – I think it’s something different to each listener.

Could you explain the way you are creating your music?

I’m thinking a lot about emotions or certain energy. I’d like to achieve in track, then I try to make it happen. From technical side, it can look like search for rhythm overlapping patterns, fitting chunks of melodies, maybe some noisy atmospheres. What’s ironic is that it’s really hard to find the words to express those ideas.

Which styles of music are you mostly influenced by and how is it recognizable in your works?

Techno, IDM, ambient, experimental electronic … but I think the most influencing is  IDM. I’m Autechre psychofan so it may be heard in some of my tracks.

Your albums look really structured and kind of conceptual. Is this the way you are making them? That you create one coherent concept with particular musical idea, visual representation…

I think each of my albums has a leading idea behind. „Hand that heals / Hand that bites” was meant to be kind of schizophrenic story. I wanted it to be delicate and aggressive in the same time. It was a trial: is it possible to go in the different directions in the same time? Right now I’m working on album that is focused around lack of time so you may hear and see something totally different than this organic and blossom orgy.

Your video-clips are perfectly visually stylized with strict composition, precise color structure and very rhythmic editing. How and with who did you work on it?

When it comes to photos and videos, I work with Olga Ozierańska. She is the artist full of unobvious ideas. In the beginning of the work we talk a lot about album concept, atmosphere and we exchange some visual references. After that Olga just does her magic.

Snímka obrazovky 2017-11-19 o 18.14.25

I heard that you are also a graphic designer. Is there something you have created by yourself for your music projects? How these two parts have been affected by each other?

I’m responsible for visual side of We will fail. Music and visuals bond together stronger as I learn during time. With first album, there was just a humble cover and a few tiny illustrations. Second album was more a whole with illustrations – I made animated videos and visuals of them. They became really important part of the release.

The visual of your last project is highly natural, is it connected somehow with your music?

Recently I was asked about what can let you find a human behind computer music. I think I wanted to add some warmth by visual side to music that is rather cold.

Do you also work with some VJs or visual artists during your gigs or are you creating visuals exclusively by yourself?

Mostly I just play without visuals. As I started to play live I thought that it will be better to focus just on sound. I’m not a fan of visuals without connection to the music – video or animated loops just to keep eye attention. I really wanted to avoid that. I’m learning right now that visual side is really important and can mesmerize the audience or can add other layer to the music.

Your next concert will be in Prague at student film festival FAMUFEST, so what film influenced you mostly in recent days and how?

It’s so sad to say but recently I didn’t have time to see any movies. Film that influenced me the most during last few years is Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives. I totally sink into that kind of images – bit boring, subtle but beautifully magical with totally different time perception. I really like when non-realistic elements silently slip into common situations.

What is your favourite Polish film?

I don’t have any, but this year I saw „Lure”. It’s a really nice, dreamy picture, with slow tempo, tiny peculiar details.


Questions: Klára Mamojková

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