Safe Cloud Records was created after 3 massive online raves, to promote hard club music on the internet. In the press release, they write: „We want to offer both bouncy club and fast happy dance tracks. We see hard music as a radical outlet that washes away everything but euphoria.“ And they are certainly right. Their SoundCloud and Bandcamp portfolios offer fast and energetic rave anthems and modern hard club tracks. For someone little bit extreme and too strong, for someone just the ideal vibes for the dancing.

We are happy to collaborate with the label and present you the exclusive premiere of „Coprolith“ track by EPIPHAGI. This song is from the upcoming Safe Cloud compilation called Safe Cloud Tapes 02 [out on May 6th]. It was built as an ode to the diversity of the internet hard electronic scene. „A euphoric explosion of bass drums and rough synths blent with love and emotions,“ writes the label.

➜ Meanwhile, check out the first release Safe Cloud Tapes 01!

Wonderful imaginary vaporwave cybernetic artwork was created by s1m0nc3ll0
You can follow Safe Cloud Records on Bandcamp or Instagram 

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