Sann Odea is an Amsterdam-based label that focuses on experimental electronic music for listening and dancing. Their style is characterized by abstract sounds that are put together in a grounded and accessible manner. With their bi-monthly show at Echobox Radio and multiple releases in the pipeline, the label continues to build a defined platform in Amsterdam for upcoming and local artists.

Sann Odea now proudly presents Ithomiinesthe first various artist LP, and an immersive dive into the realm of experimental electronic music and narrative soundscapes. We are very happy that the label sent us this project. From the first e-mail, seeing the artists‘ names and the beautiful artwork (created by Mal), we knew immediately this would be a perfect fit for the Swine Daily audience. Down below – and on our SoundCloud – you can listen to the premiered track „Dextrise“ by Amsterdam-based artists Yb3L right now:

„Drawing inspiration from the mesmerizing beauty of the Ithomiini butterflies, renowned for their delicate glass-like wings and intricate patterns, this compilation brings together 12 artists. It explores the concept of musical metamorphosis, mirroring the transformative journeys undertaken by these butterflies. Each track on the compilation is meticulously crafted, inviting you to connect with its unfolding story, building tension, and evoking emotions,“ writes the label.

The LP features affiliated faces such as Modo Mero, Teqmun, and Sann Odea co-founder Kendu Bari, alongside 9 new artists including Guenter Råler, Zero Crossing Point (with whom we made a Swine Premiere in the past, you can find it here), Beatrice M., and co-founder Yb3L, to name a few.

The whole compilation by Sann Odea is a wonderful immersive journey that we recommend listening to in peace, as an interesting relaxation or even sonic meditation. It will be available on Bandcamp on July 28th. And you can find out more about ithomiini butterflies at Butterflies Of America here.

  Be sure to follow Yb3L on Instagram / SoundCloud and follow Sann Odea on Instagram as well 

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