The works of Jana Želibská, Július Koller and Jozef Jankovič are the part of the prestigious exhibition International Pop which is touring the major American galleries. Želibská and Jankovič at the same time exhibit at the Tate Modern London at the show titled World Goes Pop which explores the less canonical manifestation of the pop-art from around the world.

The Ludwig Museum Budapest opens on 8th October 2015 the exhibition Ludwig Goes Pop which is extended Vienna’s MuMoK show enriched with the Eastern European Pop art manifestation (The East Side Story) which includes several Slovak artists (Juraj Bartusz, Stano Filko, Július Koller, Juraj Meliš, Rudolf Sikora a Jana Želibská). The whole series of ten Campbell Soups by Andy Warhol from the Slovak National Gallery is going to be on the display at this show.

1) Inštalácia diela Jany Želibskej na výstave Ludwig Goes Pop (Jana Želibská: Triptych. 1969. SNG)

Instalation of work by Jana Želibská at the exhibition Ludwig Goes Pop (Jana Želibská: Triptych. 1969. SNG)

Among the Slovak visual art particularities of the 1960s and 1970s undoubtedly count the authentic manifestation of the young generation associated with the Pop art, New Realism and Conceptual art. The artists put away the burden of the past stained by the events of the WWII and 1950s and consciously disregarded the tradition of the modern art. They clearly expressed the intention to belong to the international scene and speak the international art language, look to the West, not the East and at the same time remain authentic. From the works of this period emanates the desire for freedom and equality – not only in political respect, but also in the gender respect, to equal female status, to de-taboo old issues. They started using the new means of expression, new media of every-day-use, “common” but very fresh and direct and expressing the feeling of their generation fully experiencing the reality. The Slovak National Gallery regards such presentation of significant Slovak artists in the international context as a great success,” declares Lucia Gregorová Stach, the chief curator of the modern and contemporary art collection.


Instalation of work by Jana Želibská at the exhibition International Pop, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis (Jana Želibská: Objekt I. z environmentu Možnosť odkrývania. 1967.)

The Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, Dallas Museum of Art, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Tate Modern London as well as the Ludwig Museum Budapest are major international art establishments with millions of visitors a year. Their exhibitions, catalogues and research write the history of the international art and directly participate on the art works evaluation and artists’ prestige. The on-going exhibitions testify that the quality of the Slovak art as well as the professional background of the Slovak National Gallery and its cultural diplomacy in negotiation and international cooperation.

The process of arranging such exhibition usually takes several years. For instance, the communication with Tate Modern and Walker Art Center started in 2012 after the retrospective exhibition Zákaz dotyku (Do Not Touch) at the Slovak National Gallery and publishing the monograph on Jana Želibská. Two years later two curators from the Tate Gallery came to Bratislava, already well informed and we were able to introduce many more figures of the Slovak art. I am very pleased that promoting the Slovak art in its best we efficiently cooperated not only with government funded establishments (Slovak National Gallery and Museum of Art Žilina) but also with the private collectors (Linea Collection, Meulesteen Collection, PSIS Collection).” says Lucia Gregorová Stach.

Schedule of exhibitions:

The World Goes Pop

Curators: Jessica Morgan, Flavia Frigeri with Elsa Coustou
September 17, 2015 – January 24, 2016

Tate Modern, London

International Pop

Curators: Darsie Alexander & Bartholomew Ryan
April 11, 2015 – August 29, 2015 │ Walker Art Center, Minneapolis

October 11, 2015 – January 17, 2016 │ Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas

February 24, 2016 – May 15, 2016 │ Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia

Ludwig Goes Pop + The East Side Story

Curator: Katalin Timár with Viktoria Popovics and Soma Bradák

October 9, 2015 – January 3, 2016

Ludwig Museum, Budapest

Origin: PR SNG

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